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Shahid Motahhari; cultural attacks and solutions
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Shahid Motahhari; cultural attacks and solutions


In the Name of Allah,The All-compassionate, The All-merciful


Professor Husseini Ghazvini

It was decided that we talk about “the issue of Shahid Motahhari (R.A) and cultural attacks and measures to cope with them” in these moments that I am in your presence. Regarding cultural attacks, I will mention to you two issues as a prelude.

The first issue: the Great defenders of Velayat during the history

When Geibat-e Sughra began, the duty of defending the frontage of Velayat was entrusted to religious scholars. During the time of Al- Aemmah, the main responsibility of defending Velayat was on Aemmah and those who have been cultured by Aemmah and considered as the glorious companions including Momen Al- Tagh, Hesham Ibn Hakam, Hesham Ibn Salem and Zarareha and the like. When it was decided that Agha Vali Asr (may our souls be sacrificed for him) with the order of God and God’s eternal theology, to take the Imamate responsibility and accomplish his mission while concealing from the public. and authorized renowned jurisprudents and honorable scholars to hold this flag, we see that in a country in which many attacks target at Shia and Velayat, the prominent Shia dignitaries hold the flag of defending Shia and Velayat.

The first book written against Shia and challenged Shia beliefs and ideas was written by Mr. Jahez ( died in 255 Hijri, in the Hazrat Vali Asr (may our souls be sacrificed for him) birthday), who challenged Shia beliefs and ideas in his book, Al- Osmaniah, perhaps created unsteadiness in the minds of people. The honorable Shia jurisprudent, Sheikh Mofid (R.A) (died in 413 Hijri), rises and answers to this book in such a way that still with the passage of more than one thousand years, these answers are not old-fashioned.

Afterwards, a person named Judge Abd Al- Jabbar Moatazali (one of the renowned Sunni and Moatazalah dignitaries), wrote a book named, Al- Moghni Fi Al- Imamah recently published as 20 volumes. Although this book has been written about one thousand years ago, now the Vahhabis are in line with Judge Abd Al- Jabbar Moatazali. Ibn Taymiyyah Harrani (the great Vahhabi theorist) challenging Shia beliefs in eighth century, mainly uses the theories of Abd Al- Jabbar Moatazali. Seyyed Morteza (R.A) (Sheikh Mofid’s (R.A) renowned student (died in 436 Hijri) reises and writes a book named, Al- Shafi Fi Al- Emamah. With the passage of a little over one thousand years, nowadays, Shia scholars who want to write a book to reject the Sunnis and Vahhabis’ doubts are in need of the book, Al- Shafi Fi Al- Emamah and still the reasons and nice, strong and decisive logics of Seyyed Morteza (R.A) are shining in the sky of defending Velayat.

Also, in the seventh and eighth centuries, Ibn Taymiyyah (the great Vahhabi theorist) writes the book of Menhaj Al- Senah and Allamah Helli (R.A) answers decisively and devastatingly and also the names of the late Mir Hamed Hussein (R.A), Judge Noorollah Shoshtari (R.A), the late Seyyed Muhsen Amin (R.A), the great defenders of the Velayat frontage, are shining in the Shia history and their works are considered as the live and everlasting ones in scientific assemblies.

The second issue: development of anti- Shiism doubts in recent years

You are aware of the fact that we are facing lots of doubts against Shiism that we had not experienced in these 15 centuries, at any moment in history and period of times, as we are facing in the present age.

In one of the Qom Research institutes named, the Center of Al- Abhas Al- Aghayadiyah, anti- shia books, about 5 thousands, some of them were 20 and 30 volumes, have been discarded.

The chief of the institute said to me that:

“Of theses 5 thousand books being discarded, 75% were written after the Islamic Revolution of Iran”. It means that in these 30 years, 3 times as much as 14 centuries ago, anti-shia books have been written. Why? Of course, it is clear. The Vahhabis has publicized 800 years that Shia religion is void; originated from Jewish rituals and because Jews wanted to question Quran and eradicate Islam, tried to create Shia religion; Shia religion get involved in innovation, blasphemy and polytheism. But after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Islamic government based on Shia jurisprudence, shined in international arena and Shia thoughts and ideological and intellectual principles were illustrated in the Media. The great and Sunni , Vahabbi and Jewish scholars realized that all the propagandas against Shia within 8oo years are false, illusion and calumny and this movement resulted in Shia religion prominence in international arena in such a way that Sunni and Vahabbi youths were attracted to that this religion. Therefore, the Vahhabis were scared.

Dr. Ghoneyman, one of the great professors of Al- Madinah Al- Monavvarah University says:

نحن الوهابيين علي يقين بأن المذهب الإثني عشري هو الذي سوف يجذب إليه كل أهل السنة و كل الوهابيين في المستقبل القريب[1].

“We, the Vahhabis, are sure that the only religion that will attract all the Sunnis and Vahhabis in the near future is the Twelver Shia religion”.

Well, believing in this way, they definitely are not quiet and begin to instill doubts and continue those calumnies they targeted at Shia in history.

According to the statement of Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Pakistan, just in one country, 60 books with 50 million copies have been printed and published against Shia religion. Maybe, it is easy for our brothers and sisters to hear these statistics but it is hard to imagine; 60 million anti- Shia copies of books! In Mecca Al- Mokarramah, during the pilgrimage and only in one month, 25 days, 10 million and 685 thousand book volumes against Shia were published worldwide in 20 languages and distributed among the pilgrims of Baytollah Al- Haram. These statistics are terrible.  About 40 anti- Shia sites have been launched by the heads of Vahhabi writing anti- Shia articles night and day. About 300 satellites internationally produce and broadcast anti- Shia programs and unfortunately, our defense and resistance are unequal to theses extensive attacks. In the last year, at the Cultural affairs department in the Ministry of Culture and Guidance and in a meeting where most of the influential authorities had participated, I wanted to express detailed statistics against these extensive attacks. We mobilize our friends in the institute to collect the statistics of Shia websites inside and outside of the country. These statistics indicated that the number of all the Persian, Arabic, English and even Turkish, French and Germany websites of the Shias have not reached to 5 thousand sites. We have less than 5 thousand websites and about 600 million Shias in the World. The Vahhabis whose populations are less than 50 million people in the world, have 40 thousand anti- websites! I ask you that how many satellites and TV channels do we have, defending Shia religions and these attacks. They have launched 300 anti- Shia satellites in different languages. Now, anti- Shia websites or satellites, for example, Noor Satellite, has become prominent in the Media for less than 6 months, according to my statistics, within the country, has more spectators than our internal channels. One gentleman told me last night that:

I got on a taxi in Tehran. The taxi driver asked me: why do we always say O’ Ali, O’ Hussein? Why don’t we say O’ Allah? Isn’t Allah close to us? Aren’t these words such as O’ Ali or O’ Hussein, the signs of polytheism? That gentleman said: I answered his question and then said: why do you ask these questions? He said: when I go home at night, the Noor Satellite says these words.

They make unstable even the thoughts of our taxi driver! Who should give an answer to these persons? May God bless our Media authorities making an effort and trying to broadcast these serials on Noroz holidays. But what advantages including cultural, moral and religious advantages   have we gained from these serials, the most watched programs during this year? Was it impossible to answer to doubts together with these programs without mentioning to the word doubts?  Answering these doubts is the best opportunity and capacity. Unfortunately, we are a little inattentive and unconcerned. May God bless Shahid Motahhari (R.A)! Although experiencing a few months of the life of Islamic Revolution and government, Shahid Motahhari (R.A) tells explicitly youths and educators regarding the book named, About Islamic Revolution:

 Our Islamic Revolution is a cultural and religious revolution. In the very near future, the culture of this Revolution will sweep the geographical borders and the call of Islamic Revolution and Shia culture will be heard by people around the world and at that time, Shia culture will be faced with a deluge of doubts and attacks.

Where did this man see? He says:

At that time, Shia culture will be faced with a deluge of doubts. I recommend Elmiyah Hozah and academics to work more than before and right now make ready themselves to answer doubts.

Motahhar! Bless your memory! You told us these words 30 years ago and now we see that the anti- Shia attacks targeting at us within the last 30 years, are 3 times as much as14 centuries ago. We are not aware of the future. When we go forward, we see that the difference between our answers and defense and opposition and their attacks are completely unequal. When we move forward, the gaps will be increased. If we establish two satellites, they will launch 20 satellites. If we write one book defending Shia, they will write 200 books against us. If we launch 4 websites, they will launch 40 sites Vis-a- Vis. It means that the more we go forward, the more are the gaps and these differences are completely unequal.

I take advantage of this opportunity: our dear educators, dealing with new generation of society, be aware of that fact that these generations are God’s safekeeping. Now, the textbooks of Saudi Arabia contain anti- Shia discussions considering Shia as unbeliever and polytheist and Mahdor Al- dam and Mahdor Al- mal and from the beginning, they teach these issues to their students. Instead of teaching “the father has pomegranate”, they teach them to say “Shia is polytheist”. They exemplify these words for primary- school children and inoculate anti- Shia discussions into the minds of these children.  Educated by anti- shia culture from the age of 7 or 8 years old and growing up in the future, these children will tighten their explosive belt to unsettle the Shias’ mosque and mourning and they not only annihilate themselves but also massacre hundreds of innocent Shiites. These behaviors are originated from the aforementioned education. What do we do?

My sisters and my brothers! You should not wait for the textbooks to do thses or not to do. Even those teachers teaching Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, among their own lessons and one- hour teaching, for 5 to 10 minutes, can inoculate Shia authentic cultures into the minds of these children.  The impression, left by you, teachers, on children is more influential than that of me, as a clergy. Even the impression of a mathematics or language teacher is more influential than that of hundreds of religious teachers. We saw that whether in Qom or in other cities, coming into the field of religion, teachers teaching lessons other than Islamic cultures, will do outstandingly and bring about a great change in the mind of students. Therefore, we should teach the Shia authentic and intellectual principles to these students, when growing up and entering into the high school and university, inside and outside of the country, entering into the world of blasphemy, do not make even a minor mistake. All our problems are that our youths are not familiar with Shia ideological principles and the logic of Quran well.  Regarding the question of the man who asks: why don’t we say O’ Allah and instead we say O’ Ali or O’ Hussein? I discussed 4 years ago , for one hour, with the Saudi Arabi great  Mofatti  (having the highest academic and political position in Saudi Arabia as Hazrat Imam (R.A) has) ,in Taef , located in 95 kilometers to the north of Mecca. One of his remarks was that:

You say O’ Ali and O’ Hussein, and then you are polytheist. Why don’t you say: O’ Allah?

I said: ya Sheikh! In surah Yusef, verse, 97, when the children of Yaqoob (A.S) say:

يَا أَبَانَا اسْتَغْفِرْ لَنَا

O’ our father! Ask you for our forgiveness. Is this verse a sign of polytheism?

Why didn’t he tell his children: you are polytheist? Or why don’t you say O’ Allah?

In surah Nesa, verse 64, God ordered explicitly the Holy prophet (peace be upon him and his households) that:

وَ لَوْ أَنَّهُمْ إِذْ ظَلَمُوا أَنْفُسَهُمْ جَاءُوكَ فَاسْتَغْفَرُوا اللَّهَ وَ اسْتَغْفَرَ لَهُمُ الرَّسُولُ لَوَجَدُوا اللَّهَ تَوَّابًا رَحِيمًا

O’ the Messenger! If sinners come to you and you ask for their forgiveness, then God will forgive them.

Why doesn’t God say: they should come to me and ask me for their forgiveness? It is evident that they are respectable to the God. We say:

 يا وجيهاً عند الله! إشفع لنا عند الله.

What they are saying that God is close to us:

وَ نَحْنُ أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيدِ[2]

Is God far away that we don’t call our God? I gave an example for one of my friends and said:

Suppose that someone has 4 children, one of them, being playful and making a mistake, has offended his father and his father’s feeling has been hurt. All the households are present and the father is also near them. The older brother is respectable to the father and is highly respected by his father. The younger brother wants his older brother to ask their father for his forgiveness.

Is it the sign of blasphemy? The father is close to both of them and has sat there and one of his sons has sat on his hand-right side and another son on his hand-left side. This is not the issue of spatial proximity to God. The world God is also close to Satan and Freon and there is no doubt about it. There is no power and no strength, save with Allah, the High, the Great. Satan misusing the God’s power and strength, dose all these works. When we say O’ Ali, we believe that Hazrat Ali (A.S) is respectable to God and the God of world doesn’t reject Hazrat Ali (A.S).

I have sinned for a long time and have had a bad record and because of my sin, God is angry with me and doesn’t accept my prayer so I prayer to Hazrat Ali (A,S), Hazrat Abolfazl (A.S), Imam Hussein (A.S) AND Imam Reza (A.S) and ask them to act as an intermediary. This is a natural behavior. For example, you want to go to a minister in Qom. He doesn’t know you so you ask some people to act as intermediary. Also you want to go to for example general Manager, school manager, regional director and so forth…..  . The issue of intermediation has been institutionalized in the customs and culture of society.

Let me go to the subject of Allamah Shahid Motahhari (R.A). I outline my remarks:


1.                      Motahharri and his sensitivity to doubts diffusion

If you study the life of the late Motahhari (R.A), you will see that the sensitivity of this scholarly dignitary to the issue of doubts is the most basic subject. During his blessing life, feeling that Islam and religion have been attacked in society, he rises up immediately and by his speech, writings and his shout, fights against those doubts. For example, realizing that sometime, Eastern and Materialistic philosophy have been taught proudly by some of the university professors, Allamah Shahid Motahhari (R.A) in his book named “Principles of Philosophy and the Way of Realism” make them lose their scientific face. Maybe, in these 15 centuries, we don’t have a book with regard to interpretation of philosophical principles as the book of “Principles of Philosophy and the Way of Realism”. Feeling that some people have doubts regarding to the issue of Hijab which limits the women or isolates them, he writes a book immediately in relation to the issue of Hijab from the viewpoint of Quran, Sunnah and psychologists to prove that the Hijab is not limitation; but it protects the honor and purity of women. He, himself, said that I don’t want to say that my books are revelation, but I write books about issues that have been attacked and are under doubts in society and considered as having priority. Also regarding the priorities, if you for example look at his book “God Justice”, although the principle of God justice have been written in our university even in our Hozah Elmiyah, you will see that some clergymen express doubts regarding the issue of Jabr and Tafviz and the limitation of reason powers. But he answers nicely these doubts expressed even in Hozah Elmiyah or our universities by writing the book of “God Justice”.

The late Motahhari (R.A) has warned against the extensive attacks of doubts and after the victory of the Revolution, he shouted at the clergymen that in the future your mission is to fight against deviations, malevolence created by the enemies and opponents of the Islamic Revolution, who are not opponents of Revolution and this system, but their main opposition is toward the culture bringing about this Revolution, which is the culture of Ahlul Bayt (A.S).  He also recommends that the clergymen should find a solution quickly and prepare themselves to fight against a deluge of these attacks.

Our great educators! Nowadays, the clergymen are not responsible for answering doubts, although our Hozah has not assumed its responsibility for fighting against these hard attacks and a deluge of doubts. We offer the fault excuse in the Holy presence of our lord, Baghiyatollah- Al- Azam.

Now, every week, authorities of 10 to 12 universities of our country, Hozah Elmiya, military and police stations are calling us saying that we have held meeting to criticize Vahabbiat and answer doubts. Now, we are facing the shortage of knowledgeable clergyman in Hozah Elmiyah to manage these sessions. Defense of the frontage of Velayat is not limited to me and it’s likely that you, educators, are on the front line of fighting against these attack. You are dealing with a large segment of new generation shaping the future of this country. The youth learning your lesson, will become a teacher, university professor, governor of a district, governor general, governor of a province, minister, president. It’s likely that this youth, whom you underestimate, can become the future leader of this country. Therefore, you should think of future in all your discussions with these students and see into the future. You know well that our role in the field of culture is not as effective as yours in vaccinating the society against these doubts because usually we are not dealing with new generation. I am participating mainly in the high level of Hozah Elmiyah and dealing with seminarians studying for 10 to 12 years in the Hozah. At the university level, we are also dealing with university professors or students whose most of their life has been passed. The mental foundation and structure of those students paying attention to my speech have been shaped. Intellectually deviated at the level of preliminary school, guidance school and high school, this youth will incorrigible. You are responsible for this negligence. If we are supposed to be beaten at the Judgment Day, I as a clergy will be given 4 lashes of the whip and you as an educator will be given 8 lashes of the whip, because you are ahead of us and your role is more constructive than ours. Just as Hazrat Imam (R.A) has said:“teaching is the prophets’ profession”, you are doing the profession of the prophets and you are responsible for carrying out the prophets’ mission. Therefore, I ask, beseech and beg you and teachers who are under your supervision and obedient to acquire the intellectual and clear Shia principles. Imam Reza (A.S.) said:

  إذا عرف الناس محاسن كلامنا لاتبعونا[3].

Knowing the beauties of our sayings, people and society will definitely obey us.

Dear friends! Sisters! Brothers! According to Sahid Motahhari’s interpretation close to this subject, “the mind of youth should be filled. If you don’t fill the mind of this youth with right issues and truth sayings, he will fill his mind with wrong and deviant issues. If you don’t satisfy this youth who is thirsty, with lucid and clear water, he will quench his thirst with muddy water. Therefore, we should shape, by you, the minds of our youth at the beginning of their intellectual state formation, in order to be effective than impressionable in adulthoods.

2.    Mutahhari (R.A) and erasing embellishment from the area of religious culture

      Now, the development of superstition is one of our society curses. Our society has been involved in some superstition; Chaharshanbeh Soori, Sizdah Bedar ,some special parties such as Katme Surah Anam and so forth not having root in the Holy prophet’s (peace be upon him and his households) Sunnah and Aemmah ( A.S). Specifically, we see that a series of ceremonies named religious ceremonies are held among the women that they have not been discussed in none of the jurisprudence books or mentioned in none of the Aemmah (A.S) Traditions.

Looking at his mother, having sanctity and dignity, when a child sees her mother and father involved in superstition, he also models their behaviors. He also will do these behaviors in adulthood. When he goes to the shrine of Imam Hussein (A.S) or Hazrat Masomah (S.A), instead of praying two Rakats and knowing the culture of the eighth Imam (A.S) OR Hazrat Masomah (A.S), he searches for finding a lock to fasten on their shrines or a piece of cloth to tie so that his prayers to be satisfied. Our society has been involved in these kinds of superstitions. Fighting against superstitions and intellectual deviation is considered as one of the great efforts seen in the works and speeches of Shahid Motaharri (R.A). He confronted a large number of superstitions in his book, “Hamase Khomeini” and said: Are your discussions expressed behind the pulpit or issues stated by panegyrists, rooted in Shia history? Even the Sunnis’ history does not address these issues.

Sometimes ago, one of the Qom panegyrists has performed a sermon of Hazrat Zahra (S.A). A C.D. of his sermon has been given me. God is witness that my heart was pained! We will endanger the reputation of the Masoomin (A.S) bring them to tears. We are a little guilty. When these sermons interpreted by Shahid Motahhari (R.A) as “bitter sermons”, are falsely fed us, if we don’t weep and do not become emotional, or when a person is saying an issue, if we ask him after his speech that where did you see this issue? Or what Maghtal did you read? Who has said this Maghtal? Is he a Shia scholar? If 2 or 3 persons ask a panegyrist these questions as a result he doesn’t feed people these bitter sermons. Consequently, he will further his studies, researches and try to discuss scientific subjects. Therefore, leaving the sermon, people have learned a mass of Islamic cultures not superstitious subjects.

3.    The knockout reaction of  professor Shahid Motahhari to the doubts of the era

Here I want to discuss some answers of Shahid Motahhari. For example, one of the influential dignitaries in young generation and university students during the time of Shahid Motahhari (R.A) was Mr. Engineer Mehdi Bazargan. Shahid Motahhari (R.A), with all due respect for Mr. Bazargan, is not quiet with respect to deviation seen in theories and followers of Bazargan and also he cannot be quiet and if he is quiet, he is not Motahhari. He with all respect for the owner of the thought challenges the thought completely and finds fault with that thought and says that your principles have not root in Quran and Sunnah. Regarding the issue of Haidar Ali Ghalamdaran ( the founder of the in- Shiism Vahabbiat during the time of Shahid Motahhari (R.A) ) followed by Borghei and now Tabatabai carrying the flag of in- Shiism Vahhabiat, has deviated our youths in Tehran and by holding Quranic interpretation sessions, has separated youths’ ideological principles from those Ahlul Batas (A.S) and formally try to say that we should understand Quran by referring to people other than Ahlul Bayats and argue that Ahlul Bayts are not deputy and executer of Quran. Disregarding the “Two Weighty Things” hadith said by the Holy prophet (peace be upon him and his households),

اني تاركم فيكم ثقلين كتاب الله و عترتي، إن تمسكتم بهما لن تضلوا بعدي.

Certainly, I leave among you two weighty things, the book of Allah and my progeny, my Ahlul Bayt. If you attach yourself to them, you will not go astray after me.

They want to separate Quran from Ahlul Bayt (S.A).

Unfortunately, at some areas of Tehran, they hold Friday Prayer. According to the statements given me, the Vahhabis or quasi- Vahhabi are holding Friday Prayer in 12 areas of Tehran on Friday. It means that they do not respect for Shia Friday Prayer. Now, you can see and study, what do they say? Even on some Friday Prayers, near to the second field of Sadeghiyeh, our friends were going regularly there to collect reports. About 700 to 800 persons participate in Friday Prayer deing held at the same houses considered as communal Vahhabi houses.

With respect to the thoughts of Dr. Shariati , although the late Motahhari (R.A) for example, at the beginning ,was not supposed to fight against his deviated thoughts, requested to write a book to criticize the thoughts of Shariati, he said: “  I don’t think it is wise now. He has strength and weakness points. Now, this is the time of flowering of Revolution. If we want to confront him and illustrate his deviated thoughts, it’s likely that our youths go astray”. But it could not prevent him not criticizing his thoughts completely. Finally, he wrote a 700 to 800- pages book with respect to some discussions of Shariati, considered as against the Islam, against the necessities of Shia beliefs and said: “his writing about Islamology is not Islamology but Islam soraee”. What have Shahid Motahhari said in this book? Only God knows it. When someone wants to read the first page, there is such a love created in human heart that if he doesn’t read it to the end, he will not put it down. The late Allamah Shahid Motahhari (R.A) (may God be satisfied with him), realizing that this gentleman having sanctity, greatness and acceptability in society, going astray and misleading our youths listening to him and accepting his sayings as the true Islam and tens of other issues, confronts anyone who has been deviated.

Regarding one of the main issues discussed during the time Motahhari (R.A), and now in some newspapers, magazines, websites and satellites and even serials, while appreciating the media and various channels managers who are caring and religious persons and my friends for 10 to 15 years and some of them are my family friends, I want to speak more clearly. When Mr. Larijania was the head of TV and Radio Organization, a serial named, Mosafer Rey, was produced. Watching the first part of this serial, I went to him and said:

Mr. Larijani! If Vahhabis wanted to have influence on our youths as the serial of Mosatere Rey fed doubts into our youths, they should spent one hundred million tomans. The Vahhabis should kiss your hands.

Based on my criticisms which were about 30 to 40 pages, they corrected all the cases. I don’t want to say that they produce these kinds of program deliberately but they invite some experts who are not attentive and because of their ignorance and inattention, some of the serials discussion, unconsciously inculcate anti- Shia culture in the mind of their spectators. If you go to our website, you can search for “the serial of Mosafere Rey”. In the second stage, it was again broadcasted without considering the corrections. We said we don’t spread our criticisms because we respect you but when we see that you are not attentive, we will spread them. I found more than 30 cases of basic faults and cases which were evidently contrary to religions with this serial. Of course, Mr. Faraji, the then manager of the second channel, called us several times and thanked us extremely. Of course, rebroadcasting the serial, they implemented 90% of our views. Well, sometimes, we see that several discussions are unconsciously argued in TV and Radio Organization. Before Eide Noroz, a body of 12 managers of TV and Radio Organization came to Qom and we were in their presence at noon. They came to my house and I mentioned several cases to them and said:

Why do you report the remarks of Akbar Ganji who is putrid anti- religion and anti- Imam Zaman (A.T.F.S), discussing superstitious and slime words against Agha Vali Asr (may our souls to be sacrificed for him) on satellites? Why do you report doubts with regard to Mahdaviat in media?

Are these experts capable of analyzing theses issues? Unfortunately, one of these honorable experts to whom I respect, came to me to answer these doubts. His answers not only were useless but they also created more doubts in the mind of a large number of people. I said: weren’t experts in this country to answer this doubt? As far as I know the high- ranking authorities of TV and Radio Organization, definitely it is not intent intentional. The low-ranking authorities may create doubts intentionally but the high-ranking authorities are religious and sincere individuals who are more compassionate to Ahlul Bayat (A.S) than we are. Of course, these men came to me the last year and said: with regard to your experiences in debating on satellites and exterritorial medias, we want you to participate in our programs to answer the doubts on the night of Martyrdom of Imam Baghr(A.S) and Imam Sadegh (A.S) a few sessions. Then, we answered most of the doubts in a program named “these nights”. Maybe, the program, “these nights” was the only program has been broadcasted twice. Several days ago, we were in Tehran and had a meeting. They insisted that we give our produced program to them to be broadcasted on different internal and external channels.

All these persons are compassionate but sometimes a mistake is made. My special fields of studies are the issue of Velayat and answering Vahhabiat doubts. Experiencing for 25 years in these studies, I am a knowledgeable person in these issues. If a source of authority wants to criticize me, I will say I kiss your hands and I am proud of it but these subjects are my special field of studies and I have devoted myself to them for 25 years. If I asked to answer the philosophical and mystic doubts, I will say I am not a specialist in these fields.  I say I have read the philosophical books such as Asfar, Kharege Asfar, Mesbah Al Onse Fannari, the most prominent book of mystics, and also the book of Kharege Mesbah Al- Ons but I don’t consider myself as a specialist in these fields.

When a doubt is created in the fields of Mahdaviat and Imamate and the likes, praise to God, our country is full of specialists. We can easily take advantage of the specialist of each field. The heads of “Noor Channel” requested us to speak about something in their exterritorial program in Muharram. I said frankly that these questions sent me out, are not my special field of study and I am not willing to speak about something which is not my special field of study and I am not specialist in it. I have general information in these issues and maybe I can speak better than the others but it is not my special field of study and I am not willing to discuss about issues which are not my special field of study.

4.                     Shahid Motahhari (R.A) and the difference between elective and appointive caliphate

One issue discussed during the time of Shahid Motahhari (R.A) shouting against it and unfortunately now discussed among our clergymen is:

“the differences between elective and appointive caliphate and also among the issues of Imamate, caliphate and Government”.

Last year, we had a meeting in a center and a large number of people have been gathered. They asked us many questions. An honorable speaker had arrived before we arrived and had talked about issues regarding caliphate of Amir Al- Momenin (A.S) that:

Amir Al- Momenin (A.S) had agreed with the caliphate of Sheikhin completely and didn’t complain about it. At that time, I mean a period of 25 years, the will of Amir al- Momenin (A.S) was done exactly and nothing was done contrary to his intention.

Maybe, more than 20 questions have been written and asked. I said at that meeting that this man whom I mentioned to his name is intellectually deviated. I had two debate sessions with him and proved that his remarks were against the necessities of Shia beliefs. The debate’s C.D is also available. Amir Al- Momenin (A.S) said in the beginning of Nahjol Balaghah in his ShaghShaghiyah sermon that:

“I was patient for 25 years as if a thorn was in my eyes and a bone was stuck in my throat. I was looking with my eyes on my heritage being plundered”.

Now we are saying, everything was in accordance with the viewpoint of Amir Al- Momenin (A.S)! And Amir Al Momenin (A.S) has not complained to them and nothing has been done and everything has proceeded smoothly! Even I saw in one of his pamphlets being the booklet of Tehran Religions University that he had written:

“Amir Al- Momenin (A.S) was happier during the time of threefold caliphate than he was during his caliphate because Abubakr and Umar have an adviser like Hazrat Ali (A.S) but Hazrat Ali (A.S) didn’t have an adviser like himself’.

I also saw university students crying and saying this pamphlet is taught at their university in such a way a Shia student converts to Sunni religion.

It means that the hope about everything has been lost. For a long time, our sources of authority, the greats and Al- Aemmah (S.A) have said that Hazrat Ali (A.S) was oppressed; Hazrat Fatimah (S.A) was oppressed. The hope about everything has been lost. Amir Al- Momenin (A.S) in his Shaghshaghiyah sermon didn’t forget anything in relation to the caliphates.

According to what Shahid Motahhari (R.A) has said:

Amir Al –Momenin has devastatingly and greatly criticized against the caliphates.

You can look at the book of “Seiri in Nahjolbalaghah “by Shahid Motahhari (R.A). He says:

Amir Al- Momein (A.S) accepted no position from the caliphates neither governorship, nor governor’s office and Emart Al- Haj because accepting a position from caliphates indicated that he has relinquished his definite right.

Shahid Motahhari (R.A) has said these statements in relation to Amir Al- Momenin (A.S).

Mr. Vaez Zadeh has written an article put on the websites and also in “Nahjolbalaghah Magazine” No.5:

If we want to establish unity, the only way is that we legitimize the caliphate of Sheikhein and say the caliphate of Abubakr and Umar had been legitimate. I recommend to the Hozah seminarians to search for a reason to the legitimacy of Sheikhein caliphate.

The second point regarding establishing unity is that we relinquishes of the definite (Mansoos) caliphate of Ali (A.S) because if we insist on definite caliphate, companions will be called into question and Sunni brothers will be offended by us.

What’s the matter? It means that we make 600 million Shiites convert to Sunni Islam. This not a unity between Shia and Sunni; it means that we convert Shia to Sunni and mingle sunni with sunni. Allamah Shahid Motahharai (R.A) says: the main problem with our intellectuals is that they have not understood the meaning of unity. What is the meaning of Shia and Sunni unity? If you study the book of “Imamate and Leadership” by Shahid Motahhari (R.A), pages 19 to 22,(the book which I have , has been published before Revolution), you will see that he has clamoring for the subject of unity. He says:

Some of the unity callers are under the wrong impression and feel doubts between unity of a party and a front. The unity of a party necessitates its members to be identical with regard to thought, ideology and specifically all the thought characteristics. Two persons having different ideology ca not work under the flag of one party. The unity between Shia and Sunni is not identical similar to the unity of a party; but it is similar to the unity of a front in which different persons having different beliefs affiliated with different ideology can fight against their enemy and work on the same line.

How is it possible to ask the followers of one religion to relinquish their ideological or practical order considered as an integral part of Islam in their opinion? We ourselves have Shia religion and are proud of following the Ahlul Bayt(A.S). We cannot be negligent even in a minor fault whether Mustahab or Makrooh. We neither accept someone’s resort in this regard nor expect others to relinquish their principles for the sake of expediency and Islam unity.

We expect and hope that the atmosphere of mutual understanding to be created because we by ourselves have pillar and Furoo, Jurisprudence, science of Kalam, Philosophy and Literature so that we are able to supply our good as the best one in order that Shias no longer live in isolation and we would not allow the important markets of the Islamic world to be closed to the valuable good of Shia Islamic culture.

This is the meaning of unity; in other words, we should eliminate curse, vituperation, offence and profanities from our society otherwise we cannot reach unity. I would offend to Sunnis holy things and then expect that they to prayer in the same line, behind me. It is not impossible. As we respect for our holy things, the Sunnis also respect for their holy things, we has said frequently that:

“Nowadays, offending the Sunnis’ holy things is an unforgivable sin”.

But scientific discussions should be followed; scientific debates should be done; friendly dialogue and summits should be held. According to what Allamah Shahid Motahhari (R.A) has said:

“Scientific discussions are dealing with reason and logic not emotions and feelings. If we announce discussions creating differences between Shia and Sunni in a scientific and research manner, not only doesn’t it hit unity and alliance but also it paves the way for creating mutual understanding between Shia and Sunni more than before and eliminates pessimisms between these two sects”.

Therefore, explaining the issue of unity or alliance between Shia and Sunni and determining of borders were one of the late Shahid Motahhari’s (R.A) (may God be pleased with him) discussions that nowadays, unfortunately some people under the title of call of unity are searching for shaking the beliefs of Shia Muslims. Hazrat Imam (R.A) didn’t have this opinion; this is not the viewpoint of the supreme leader; this is not the viewpoint of the sources of authority. Writing a 40 pages response to this great man in the magazine of “Nahjolbalaghah” No. 6, while respecting for his thought, I criticized him. May God bless Hazrat Ayatollah Al- Ozma Fazel Lankarani (R.A), whenever he saw me, he said:

“I thank you for your answer. I read it several times and prayed you from the bottom of my heart and nobody can answer better than you did.

I told him that:

This is not my answer; I have referred him to Imam Reza (A.S).

Of course, the story is in such a way that, when this article was published, all the sources of authority and professors of Hozah complained. If we legitimize the caliphate of Sheikhin and relinquish the definite caliphate of Ali (A.S), it means that we have ridicule all the Shia intellectual principles and set an atomic bomb to annihilate the Shia beliefs; therefore, nothing is left to Shias. Mr. Din Parvar, the head of this magazine, called me and said:

“I request you to write an answer being published in the next Number”. I said: “Haj Agha! I respect for you too. I don’t have the patience to conflict with this great man”. Hazrat Ayatollah Sobhani called me. I said: “Hajj Agha! Excuse me, finde someone else to write his answer”. Hazrat Ayatollah Khaz Ali comes Qom and from there he come straight my house. At least, I have relations with him for more than 37 or 38 years. He asked me and I said: “Hajj Agha Khaz Ali! Excuse me”. He was in our home at noon and slept. I saw him awaking and laughing. I said: Hajj Agha! What’s the matter? He said:

“I had slept and I saw that I, you and Agha Imam Reza (A.S) were together. You had a bullet belonging to the old bow in your hands and had targeted something. But you were hesitant. Agha Imam Reza (A.S) said: throw it, throw it. He said me, Khaz Ali tells him to throw. You threw it and hit the mark”.

He said: in short, Agha Imam Reza (A.S) wants you to write this answer. The dreamer is a person whom I have relations with, Ayatollah Khaz Ali, for about 35 years. Until now, I have not seen this old man to commit a Makroo act. His life is a simple life of a seminarian. Now he lives in an apartment in Tehran. In short, his interpretation made me to become heartened. Almost I wrote a 40 pages article in a week. If I wanted to write it patiently, maybe it lasted 3 months. My article caused me to see a special miracle and wonderful attention from Agha Imam Reza (A.S) changing the direction of my life 180 degree.

I request you to draw inspiration from the ways and customs of our greats and utilize the ways and Sirah of Allamah Shahid Motahhari (R.A) whom we have held this ceremony and take up the cudgels for the doubts and answer the doubts in the front line and don’t allow some people (God forbid) to shake   the beliefs of our youths and Shia Muslims. I want to finish my speech. Let me read your questions.


We have heard that when Fereon was drowning, he called Musa. Then, this verse was revealed:

I Fereon had called the God, his prayer and repentance could be accepted by God. Because he appealed to Musa, God told him: did you call my servant?


No. this is against Quran. Quran says explicitly that: when Fereon was drowning, he repented immediately and paid attention to God. Quran says:

وَ جَاوَزْنَا بِبَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ الْبَحْرَ فَأَتْبَعَهُمْ فِرْعَوْنُ وَ جُنُودُهُ بَغْيًا وَ عَدْوًا حَتَّى إِذَا أَدْرَكَهُ الْغَرَقُ قَالَ آَمَنْتُ أَنَّهُ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا الَّذِي آَمَنَتْ بِهِ بَنُو إِسْرَائِيلَ وَ أَنَا مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ / الآن وَ قَدْ عَصَيْتَ قَبْلُ وَ كُنْتَ مِنَ الْمُفْسِدِينَ[4]

           Now that you see the signs of death and drowning, Do you repent and pay attention to us? You have sinned for a long time.

Afterwards, God says:


فَالْيَوْمَ نُنَجِّيكَ بِبَدَنِكَ لِتَكُونَ لِمَنْ خَلْفَكَ آَيَةً وَ إِنَّ كَثِيرًا مِنَ النَّاسِ عَنْ آَيَاتِنَا لَغَافِلُونَ[5]




“We make you drowned and then save your drowned body to be a lesson to others”.

Regarding the issue of finding the mummified body of Fereon in excavation in Egypt about less than 200 years and according to what I remember, transporting his mummified body to France to examine and conduct a series of programs, one professor working on this corpse said:

“I feel that the signs of drowning can be seen on his body”. It means that, this corpse has been ruined by water though this professor was a Christian and his attendants say:

“You should not say this statement. If it is proved, then the religion of Muslim will be right because they say: Fereon has been drowned”. Afterward, his researches were developed and a Muslim boy uttered this verse:

فَالْيَوْمَ نُنَجِّيكَ بِبَدَنِكَ لِتَكُونَ لِمَنْ خَلْفَكَ آَيَةً

“We save your body to be a lesson to others”.

It has been recounted that he uttered this verse of Quran spontaneously. God is great. He had travelled to Egypt and inquired about the condition of life and history of Fereon and the verses in relation to Fereon and said:

“I witness that Islam is the only right and true religion and the Quran is the only holy book”.



Do you know that all the books from right and left and also the propagation of various sects and ideology under the name of digital library are available for youths while we as opinionative teachers still live in 60s decade and at least are deprive of modern facilities? But what responsibility do expect from these teachers? Even the political and opinionative of Basij neglect these issues and equipping these teachers with the most current information and statistics.


Dear sister! Dear brother! If we wait for the others to prescribe for us to act according that prescription, the responsibility will be there and we are here. Each person should be active based on his abilities and facilities. Nowadays, buying a computer is easy and entering the internet is not expensive. You can easily use the internet by coffee net and tell lines and so forth and most of the websites are open to you.

Your minimum duty is that you launch a web log or site and discuss these issues with regard to your scientific abilities. You can answer the questions easily. Now, it is not a time to say we don’t have facilities. Who should be responsible for us? Entering the internet in your house, you can easily create a simple web log. Creating a web log is free. Some of these Shia sites have announced that each Muslim boy who wants to launch a site to defend Ahlul Bayt (A.S), we will launch and design a free sites for them and give them facilities and programs and internet- space. Sitting in your house and launching a weblog or site, you can express your ideas to the world….

Our site also is 100% scientific and answering the doubts is our main work. Using the new ways accepted by science at the international level, we answer the latest doubts of Vahhabiat. Now the Vahhabis are angry with us and if you go to the Vahhabi sites, you can see their most obscene curse and hardest threats targeted at us. In other word, there is not a day that they don’t send us tens of curses or threats. We are so happy. I mean, we feel that our work has been effective. Maybe, during the last 10 years, I have drawn more than 500 thousands of Sunni, Vhhabi and Christin youths toward the religion of Ahlul Bayat (A.S).

Each person can work based on his ability. Now, each person need to familiar with computer and modern equipments. You, the educators, need this kind of familiarity more than the others. It can be said it is Vajib for you. If you don’t use these information so who should use them?

Last year, I had a session in Tehran that about 30 to 40 doctors and physicians, most of them had subspecialty certification. One of those physicians said: a few days ago, my daughter asked me that I couldn’t answer it. I told her “where did you hear this question? She said “I saw it in a site. He, himself, said me: having studied for 25 years and having the doctorate and postdoctoral degree, we are incapable of answering these kinds of questions. What do the ordinary people do?

“May peace, mercy and blessing of God be upon you”

Dr. Seyyed Mohhamad Husseini Ghazvini


First and last name: Hamid_ Date: Aban 22, 1389 _ 19:19:11

I thank Jinab Dr. Ghazvini- I’m sure that you are subject to the blessing prayer of the Holy prophet (S.A) who has said the following Hadith at Ghadir Khom about persons assisting Hazrat Ali (A.S):

وانصر من نصره))

First and last name: Kavoos Hadavi_ Date: Dey, 21, 1389_ 00:33:38

Janab Aghaye Dr. Ghazvini! I use your remarks a lot. I am compiling a book in defending the frontage of Shiism. Having 200 pages and the form of question and answer, it is an adaptation of the book, “Shabhaye Pishavar” but it is more fluent than this book so that youths can also utilize it. If you have any recommendation or guidance with regard to improvement of my book, please tell me.

 First and last name; Reza Jalili_ Date: Farvardin, 31, 1390_ 00:17:31

I request you to give me a study movement to familiar with Vahhabiat. Don’t be tired.

 اجرکم عند الله

First and last name; Ali Shafee_ Date: Ordibehesht 6, 1390_ 20:46:39

I think that to create a unity between Shia and Sunni, the Shias should not curse Umar Ibn Khattab and ….. . They should respect for them as the prophet’s companion and consider them as wrongdoers acting as a result of ignorance and their intellectual framework of that time and God willing, they have intended to serve …. And the Sunnis believe that the right of Hazrat Ali (A.S) has been violated an the prophet’s testament has not become feasible and Shia’s Imam are true and the successors of prophet and Hazrat Vali Asr is alive as the last Imam of the Shias and will appear at the appropriate time.

First and last name: Abdullah Momen_ Date: Ordibehesht 9, 1390_ 03:30:08

Janab Ali Shafee:

What makes a difference between the companions of Hazrat Davood (A.S) and those of Hazrat Muhhamad Mustafa (peace be upon him and his households) who became Kafir?

Why is it permitted to curse the first group:

 «لعن الذين كفروا من بني اسراييل علي لسان داود»

 but not the second group?

وكفروا بعد اسلامهم»

[1]- Al- MENHAJ Al- Jadid and Al- Sahih Fi Al- Havar Ma Al- Vahhabin, p 178

2. Surah Ghaf, Verse, 16.

Maani Al- Akhbar Lel- Sheikh Al- Sadoogh, p 180_ Oyun Akhbar Al- Reza Lel- Sheikh Al- Sadoogh, vol 2, p 275.[3]

[4]- surah Yunes, verse 90 to 91

[5]- surah Yunes , verse 92

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