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1 The manner of Sunni elders towards Shiite Imams’ [AS] shrines.
2 Wahhabis’ shamelessness, theft, and inner and inherent meanness
3 the view of “Hesni Damascene” about “ibn Taymiyyah”
4 commander of faithful’s[AS]  courage {2}
5 The bravery of commander of faithful {1}
6 Reviewing the roots of explosion...(1)
7 Companions of prophet [PBUH] in the perspective of Shia Imams [AS]
8 Reviewing the roots of explosion ...(2)
9 The death anniversary of "Abu-Talib"
10 The story of the birth of Commander of  faithful [AS] in “Ka`ba”, in Sunny books.
11 The view of Sunny elders  about “Imam Hadi’s [AS] prestige.
12 Insulting the wives of the God`s Messaenger
13 Answering the misgivings about Hazrat Fatima (AS)
14 Shahid Motahhari; cultural attacks and solutions
15 Responding to Ghadeer doubts 01
16 Answering to Sheikh Al-azhar’s remarks 01
17 Responding to Doubts Raised in Publications of Amir Kabir University 01
18 Responding to Doubts: The Distortion of The Qur’an 01
19 Knowing Wahhabism
20 The importance of discussing Wahhabism and its attacks on Shi`ite
21 The speech in the Hekmate Motahar Meeting in Sistan and Baluchestan Province
22 Supplication
23 Answering the misgivings posed by the Wahhabism
24 An answer to the remarks made by al-Orayfi (Riyaz Friday prayer’s leader 01)
25 The Conference or Doubt Recognition, Imam Sadegh Seminary School, Zahedan
26 Exaggeration in Sunnism
27 The Doubts about Imams` Guardianship
28 Methodology in responding to the misgivings 01
29 The Best Strategy to Stand against Wahhabis’ Attacks on Shiism
30 The Significance of Imamat and Guardianship from the view point of Quran and Traditions 01
31 The Significance of Imamat and Guardianship from the view point of Quran and Traditions 02
32 The Prophet Muhammad`s Companions` Apostasy
33 Dissension among Shias` Sects
34 Analyzing the anti-Shias Doubts throughout the History
35 Walayah form Quran point of view 01
36 A review on the Interview with Mr. Vae`zzadeh Khorasani
37 Answering to Ghadeer doubts
38 Survivors -Dr. Issam Al Emad’s Sermon
39 An analysis of the reasons of the Sunnite regarding Abu-Bakr’s caliphate
40 Imamat and Caliphate; Designation or Selection
41 Causes of emersion of different Islamic sects and the latest invasions against Shiite
42 The issue of Raj`ah[1]
43 Answering the Doubts on Qadir Hadith
44 Answering Doubts about Imamat and Khilafat ; Part 1
45 Imam Bagher (Peace be Upon  him)’s Martyrdom
46 Answering the Doubts on Qadir Hadith

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