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Knowing Wahhabism
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Knowing Wahhabism

In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful 


Professor Hoseini Qazvini

Our discussion got to the third part: the manifestation age of Wahhabism and brief review of intellectual originators of Wahhabism.

Before starting the discussion, a point needs to be made that we need to be careful when debating with the Sunnis so we can get our hands on their intellectual basics before the discussion. For example there is a high difference between the ways of arguing with a Sunni Hanafite brother and a Shafi 'ite one, there is a high difference between the ways of arguing with someone believing in priniciples of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and a Hanafite or a Malikite. Arguing with Wahhabite is totally different from arguing with a Sunni. Because Wahhabites don 't recognize us as Muslims. In this book called فکرة التقریب (Fekrato al- Taghrib) dr. Narser Qafari the professor of Maddinah Univeristy says: It 's impossible to have approximation between us and Shi 'ites. Because at first, they have to prove to be Muslim, then bring up the approximation issue.

In other words he doesn 't recognize us as Muslim, and first, we need to prove to be of Islam sects and the closest one to the Qoran and practice and the most prior in revival of Prophet 's Sunnah. We will talk about how some distorted the Two Weighty Things Hadith,

انی تارکم فیکم الثقلین: کتاب الله و سنتی into انی تارکم فیکم الثقلین: کتاب الله و عترتی

we also accept it. Have people of the house ( Peace be upon them) not acted on Quran and Prophet 's(Allah bless him and his descendant) Sunnah? Moreover, this Hadith is distorted and does not exist in any of Six reliable traditionists Collections and only الموطأ (al-Mottah) has related it with traceable and incompletely transmitted proof. The grea men of Sunnis also found fault with this account. And Motaghi Hendi in the book كنز العمال  (Kanz ol Emal), and others explicitly believe this account not to be valid and has incompatibility with Qur 'an and my Relatives. We don’t say this and has no contradictory. But Qur 'an and Practice has no incompatibility with Qur 'an and my Relatives, because Relatives of Prophet have nothing other than the Prophet 's (Allah bless him and his descendants) Practice. There is an account in many of the Sunnis resources saying: Ali, having the controlling seat of affairs, is the best man to revive the Prophet 's (Allah bless him and his descendants) Practice.

When debating with a Wahhabi, we need to take this point into consideration that before the discussion, we need to prove to be Muslim or make him accept what the four Sunnis denominations think of Shi 'ism. When debating with Wahhabites, we have to bring up weak points of which they are afraid to be brought up. We also have to set forth questions for their young and educated people about the blind spots and clueless areas and subjects which they don 't like to talk about. One of the blind spots is the manifestation age of Wahhabism. Islam 's development and the Angelus being defeated was regarded as a bitter and very unpleasant problem for the West, making them think of taking revenge. They started a two-hundred-year Crusadefrom the year 489 to 690 A.H, taking millions of lives and leaving millions injured, and also they were going to take revenge on Islam. In the manifestation age of Wahhabism, we have a problem caused by the West, called the Crusade – the Christianity war against Islam – and they have decided to destroy and wipe Islam off the map. From the East, Islam community faced the Mongol invasion under the command of Jenghiz who attacked Islamic countries, they even shed so much blood in Baghdad totally bringing Abbasid vicegerency down forever and brought on such drastic calamities in cities of Halab and Mosil of which Ibn Athir, in the book of الكامل في التاريخ (al-Kamel Fi al-Tarikh), says:

فمن الذي يسهل عليه أن يكتب نعي الإسلام و المسلمين و من الذي يهون عليه ذكر ذلك فياليت أمي لم تلدني و يا ليتني مت قبل هذا و كنت نسيا منسيا.

. Al-Kamel Fi al-Tarikh by Ibn al-Athir,v 12, p 358.

Meanings, so much dreadful were the Mongol calamities over the Muslims, resulting in my inability to write them and I wish I was not born to see them. On the other hand the there was a unity formed between the Mongolian and the Christian to destroy Islam. For example Halako 's mother and wife were Christian and his great commander in Syria is the Christian Kito Bughay and Halako 's son, Abaghakhan, who  ruled from 663 to 680 A.H, marries the Eastern Rome emperor 's daughter and form a unity with the pope and kings of Russia and England against the Muslim and the worst one is when Arghon, the grandson of Halakokhan,gets tempted by his Jewish minister, Sa 'ad al-Doleye Abhari, to conquer the honoured Mecca and turn it into an idol-temple. And I don’t think there could be any harder, bitter and more unpleasant period than this one. In such a situation Ibn Tayimeh Harani steps in and instead of inviting the Muslim to unity and prohibiting them and warning them to keep away from any kind of dispute using deviating matters, accuses the Muslim of heterodoxy and idolatry and brings about inner dispute and sedition in Islamic communities from which Muslims still suffer and keeps having its unpleasantly drastic effects over Islamic communities. In this situation, Ibn Tayimeh in Damascus, brings up his invalid thoughts and raises a tumult and canonists of four denominations of Hanafite, Hanbalite, Shafi 'ite ,and Malikite revolt against him. Before the Shi 'ite Scholars responded and did something about it, the Sunnies Scholars were the forerunner of the event. The first one to summon and try him in the court was Jala al-Din Hanafi, the then  judge of Damascus. Ibn Batute, in his travel account, says:

 I was sitting in the Jameh Mosque of Damascus while Ibn Tayimeh was giving speech to people, he said: God descends the empyrean into the world sky, just like how I step down the pulpit in mosque. Then he started to come down. At moment, all the people disapproved of his words and made a complaint. The scholars of the four denominations gathered in a law court, took him to the court and he was sentenced to imprisonment. Finally in Rajab 22th, the year 720 A.H he was given the imprisonment sentence by canonists of the four denominations.

We know that Ibn Tayimeh died in the prison and in the year 728 A.H he was sent to prison by the anonymous verdicts of canonists and judges of the Sunnies and died in the prison of Damascus castle. Shukani as one of the scholars of the Sunnies says: according to one of the Malikite judges in Damascus, it was written and accounced in mosques and bazaar:                                                                                          

                                                                                                 إعتقد عقيدة إبن تيمية حلّ دمه و ماله

Al-Badr al-Tale, V1,P67- al-derar al-Kamenat le-Ibn Hajar al-astaghlani,V1,P147

Zahbi- one of the most reputed key scientists of the Sunnies in the time of Ibn Tayimeh- so much corresponded with Ibn Tayimeh. This is one of his letters:

... يا خيبة! من إتبعك فإنه معرض للزندقة و الإنحلال، لا سيما إذا كان قليل العلم و الدين باطوليا شهوانيا، لكنه ينفعك و يجاهد عندك بيده و لسانه و في الباطن عدو لك بحاله و قلبه. فهل معظم أتباعك إلا قعيد مربوط خفيف العقل؟ أو عامي كذاب بليد الذهن؟ أو غريب واجم قوي المكر؟ أو ناشف صالح عديم الفهم، فإن لم تصدقني ففتشهم و زنهم بالعدل. يا مسلم! أقدم حمار شهوتك لمدح نفسك، إلى كم تصادقها و تعادي الأخيار؟! إلى كم تصادقها و تزدري الأبرار؟! إلى كم تعظمها و تصغر العباد؟! إلى متى تخاللها و تمقت الزهاد؟! إلى متى تمدح كلامك بكيفية لا تمدح - والله - بها أحاديث الصحيحين يا ليت أحاديث الصحيحين تسلم منك. بل في كل وقت تغير عليها بالتضعيف و الإهدار أو بالتأويل و الإنكار، أما آن لك أن ترعوي؟! أما حان لك أن تتوب و تنيب؟! أما أنت في عشر السبعين و قد قرب الرحيل؟! بلى - والله - ما أدكر أنك تذكر الموت بل تزدري بمن يذكر الموت، فما أظنك تقبل على قولي و لا تصغي إلى وعظي، بل لك همة كبيرة في نقض هذه الورقة بمجلدات و تقطع لي أذناب الكلام و لا تزال تنتصر حتى أقول: ألبتة سكت. فإذا كان هذا حالك عندي و أنا الشفوق المحب الواد، فكيف حالك عند أعدائك؟! و أعداؤك - والله - فيهم صلحاء و عقلاء و فضلاء، كما أن أولياءك فيهم فجرة و كذبة و جهلة و بطلة و عور و بقر. قد رضيت منك بأن تسبني علانية و تنتفع بمقالتي سرا، فرحم الله إمرءا أهدى إلى عيوبي، فإني كثير العيوب غزير الذنوب، الويل لي إن أنا لا أتوب و وا فضيحتي من علام الغيوب و دوائي عفو الله و مسامحته و توفيقه و هدايته و الحمد لله رب العالمين و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد خاتم النبيين و على آله و صحبه أجمعين.

Oh, you desperate! Those who follow you are pushed over the heretical and atheist precipice…,  the majority of your followers are retarted, recluse, and  feeble-minded or like some ordinary people who are liars, stupid, strange, ignoble, cunning, soulless, outward virtue, and unintelligent. If you don 't approve of words about your followers, test them based on justice criteria. How long do you want to keep complimenting and describing yourself, and holding your words in esteem to the extent  that even authentic Hadiths of Muslim and Bokhara are not considered to be. I wish that authentic Hadiths of Muslim and Bokhara had protection from being impaired by you. And these two books didn 't have any protection from your complaint. You just worthlessly weaken or justify and deny them. Isn 't high time you woke up, repent and return? You lived more than seventy years of your lifetime and you are fading away and your hour has come. I swear to God that I know you don 't even think of death and if anyone bears death in his mind, you will ridicule him. I don 't think you accept and get under impression of my words. This is how I think of you as a close friend of yours, so see how your enemies judge you. I swear to God, there righteous, intelligent and virtuous men among your enemies, but there are liars, depraved and ignorant men among your friends.

Takmelat al-Sayf al-Seighal Lelkosari, p190- al-A 'alan Betobikh, p77- al-Saghil Rad Ibn Zafil Lelsabeki, p218

I don 't approve of what these men think of this account. Zahbi is not Shi 'ite, not even inclined towards Shi 'ism. We believe Zahbi 's hostility towards family of the Prophet and the Shi 'ite in his books is undeniable. If you study Zahbi 's books, specially Mizan al-Etedal, you will find obvious traces, saying he 's an anti-Shi 'ite, and we have a firm evidence for it. About some of the narrators who kept cursing and vilifying Imam Ali(Peace be upon him), he explicitly calls them:   

ثقة فاضل عابد صالح (trustworthy, virtuous, votary, righteous)

And whenever they hear the slightest negative opinions of some towards their caliphs, they treat them as aggressively as they can, using bitter and sharp insults which are out of the literature style of standard and common books of athourities.

Sobki- one of the great and most reputed scholars of the Sunnies who is approved by all Sunnies and Wahhabites and lived during the age of Ibn Tyimeh- in the book الدرة المضيئة في الرد علي ابن‌تيمية    (al-Dorat al-Mahzi 'at Fi al-Rad Ali Ibn Tayimeh), p5, mentions opinions and points similar to Zahbi 's but more moderately.

Ibn Hajar Hethami- one of the great men of Mecca, approved by Scholars of the Sunnies and Wahhabism, the writer of the book الصواعق المحرقة  ( al- Savaegh al-Moharaghat) which tries to reject the Shi 'ite beliefs and Ghazi Nor Allah Shooshtari also wrote a book called الصوارم المحرقة (al-Savarem al-Moharaghat) to reject his book. In the book الفتاوی الحدیثة (al-Fatavi al-Hanithat) he says some very nice words:

إبن‌تيمية عبد خذله الله و أضله و أعماه و أصمه و أذله و بذلك صرح الأئمة الذين بينوا فساد أحواله و كذب أقواله و من أراد ذلك فعليه بمطالعة كلام الإمام المجتهد المتفق على إمامته و جلالته و بلوغه مرتبة الإجتهاد أبي الحسن السبكي و ولده التاج و الشيخ الإمام العز بن جماعة و أهل عصرهم و غيرهم من الشافعية و المالكية و الحنفية و لم يقصر إعتراضه على متأخري الصوفية بل إعترض على مثل عمر بن الخطاب و علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنهما.

Ibn Tayimeh is a slave who has gotten abject, blind and deaf by God and leaders of the Sunnies affirm that he has corrupted thoughts and words… , he even had aggressive attacks in his words on Omar Ibn Khatab and Imam Ali(May God be pleased with him).

Al-Fatavi al-Hadithat, p86

Ibn Hajar Asphelani in الدرر الکامنة (al-Dorar al-Kahmenat) explicitly says:

Ibn Tayimeh 's overstatement to reject the Shi 'ite 's beliefs and attack Allameh Helli 's thoughts has gone too far the extent that has led to Imam Ali 's majesty being disregarded.

This is how a Meccan Sunni anti-Shi 'ism Scholar judges.

As we don 't apply the titles of Shaikh for Shaikh Toosi(May God 's mercy be upon him) and Allameh(savant) for Allameh Helli(God 's mercy be upon him), the Sunnis usually don 't apply the title of Shaikh al-Islam for Ibn Tayimeh. Shokani-of great Sunnis scholars- in the book البدر الطالع (al-Badr al-Tale ') says:

صرّح محمد البخاري الحنفي ـ المتوفى 841 هـ ـ بتبديعه ثم تكفيره ثم صار يصرح في مجلسه: إن من أطلق القول على إبن تيمية إنه شيخ الإسلام، فهو بهذا الإطلاق كافر.


The Hannafite Mohammad Bokhara clearly explains that Ibn Tayimeh is a heretic and apostate and in his meeting he insists that anybody who applies Shaikh al-Islam for Ibn Tayimeh is an apostate.

Al-Bad al-Tale ', v2, p260

And there are a lot of Sunnis ' opinions to cover about Ibn Tayimeh.



Dr.Sayid Mohammad Hoseini Qazvini



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