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The importance of discussing Wahhabism and its attacks on Shi`ite
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The importance of discussing Wahhabism and its attacks on Shi`ite

In the Name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

Professor Hoseini Qazvini

Before starting the discussion, I give a hadith from Imam Javad (Peace be upon him) about the   importance of clarifying and responding to doubts great occultation just to pay a close attention to it. He says:

إن من تكفل بأيتام آل محمد المنقطعين عن إمامهم، المتحيرين في جهلهم، الإسراء في أيدي شياطينهم و في أيدي النواصب من أعدائنا، فاستنقذهم منهم و أخرجهم من حيرتهم و قهر الشياطين بردّ وساوسهم و قهر الناصبين بحجج ربهم و دليل أئمتهم، ليفضلون عند الله على العبيد بأفضل المواقع بأكثر من فضل السماء على الأرض و العرش على الكرسي و الحجب على السماء و فضلهم على هذا العابد كفضل القمر ليلة البدر على أخفى كوكب في السماء.

إن من تكفل بأيتام آل محمد المنقطعين عن إمامهم، المتحيرين في جهلهم، الإسراء في أيدي شياطينهم و في أيدي النواصب من أعدائنا، فاستنقذهم منهم و أخرجهم من حيرتهم و قهر الشياطين بردّ وساوسهم و قهر الناصبين بحجج ربهم و دليل أئمتهم، ليفضلون عند الله على العبيد بأفضل المواقع بأكثر من فضل السماء على الأرض و العرش على الكرسي و الحجب على السماء و فضلهم على هذا العابد كفضل القمر ليلة البدر على أخفى كوكب في السماء.

Those who support the orphans of the Prophet 's Family, in fact, support the Shi 'ite during occultation and they can’t be in any relation with their Imam of the age and they wander in their ignorance. They are held captive by the Devils and entangled with the anti-Shi 'ite. And those who support the orphans of the Prophet 's Family should rescue them from the Devils and their doubts and enemies, take them away from their ambiguities and perplexity, bring down the Devils that create doubts and overcome the anit-Shi 'ite with the use of Imams ' advices and guidance. Their superiority to other slaves is like the superiority of the sky to the earth, the empyrean to the heavenly chair and the verecunida to the sky. And their superiority to the votary is like superiority of the night of Badr to the most concealed and the least bright stars in the sky.

Moso 'at al-Imam Javad(pb) Le Sayed Hoseini Qazvini, v2, p367- al-Ehtejaj Le Tabarsi, v1, p9- Bahar al-Anvar Le Majlesi, v2, p6- al-Yaqin Le Sayid Ibn Tavoos, p8- al-Fosol al-A 'emat Le Hor al-Ameli, v1, p603- Maniyat al-Morid Le Shahid al-Thani, p118

This account almost clarifies how valuable these meetings are and also shows the path we have to go. Our discussion covers many areas and subjects:

1- Spread of attacking the Shi 'ite culture, motives of these invasions and ways to fight against them

2- Importance of unity in the current age and the stance of Wahhabism on Muslims ' unity

It should not be considered that such discussions makes disagreement and disunite Muslims.

3- The age of Wahhabism emergence

4- How the Sunni Scholars respond to Wahhabism

How did Wahhabism come to emerge in the ages of seven and eight? How did Wahhabism Wahhabism subside and disappear in less than fifty years until the ages of eleven and twelve, how was it renewed and fortified and how entered the arena in a new shape and keeps moving forward insolently? What was the reason?

5- Intellectual principles of Wahhabism and its practical model

6- Breaking the idol of Wahhabism, Ibn Tayimeh, and criticizing his thoughts, opinions and stance on the familiy of the Prophet 's(peace be upon them), other denominations and enemies of Islam.

Our discussion is a hundred percent scientific and doesn 't have anything to do with political matters. In the month of Moharam,there was an eight-night debate on the channel al-Mostaghelat in London about the opinions of Ibn Tayimeh 's with one of the great scholars of the Sunnis named Saghaf and to be fair, he very nicely attacked and had valuable explanations. From Wahhabism side, Shaikh Adnan Ar 'or was present there to support Ibn Tayimeh. I suggest that you get the tap and CD of the debate and watch Wahhabism weak points and how they defend.

One of the most basic reasons of discussing and arguing is to take man into offensive positions rather than defensive ones. It means you can argue with a Sunni, Wahhabite, Communist and Christian. If he pose a quesltion and you just simply answer and the debate continues for hours and months, you will not succeed. But if you attack him abruptly and bring up doubts, you will succeed. Experience shows that anyone how answers aggressively, he will be more successful, because it makes listeners become thoroughly aware of weak point of the other side who tries to defend himself and people watch how both two sides defend and from the view point of thefollowing verse,

فَبَشِّرْ عِبَادِ / الَّذِينَ يَسْتَمِعُونَ الْقَوْلَ فَيَتَّبِعُونَ أَحْسَنَهُ

So announce the Good News to My Servants,- Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best (meaning) in it.

 Az-Zumar(The Groups) sura, verse 18

They decide correctly.

I myself have had about 200 discussions and debates mostly with Wahhabit students, scholars, university professors and muftis and now it continues through telephone calls and correspondence. One of the best discussions was the one I had with Saikh Abd al-Aziz Bin Abdollah Al Saikh- the great mufti of  Saudi Arabi – in TA 'ef on Rajab 24th and I was given permission to record it and we put the exact words and also its audio file on the Internet.

We should discuss with them. Taking part in training courses to learn how to give answers to their doubts doesn’t have the effect of taking part in one practical and real debate. I believe even if you don 't have enough scientific ability, by having two or three debates with them you can see your weaknesses and gain the necessary motive for further study and getting fundamental and valuable answers.

7- Considering the most important Wahhabism doubts and answers to them

I explicitly say that the number of doubts they bring up against Shi 'ism doesn’t go beyond 20. They teach their youths these doubts during periods of guidance school, high school, university and PHD. I myself have discussed with their leaders of congregational prayer and noticed that they just thoroughly know and have memorized these few doubts. I myself have debated with their university students and noticed that they just talked about the same doubts. The same thing happened with their professors. In last year 's month of Ramadan in grand Mecca, the same thing happened again when having an about three-hour-and-a-half discussion with Shaikh Mohammad Jamil Bin Zaino- one of high-level Muftis and professors in grand Mecca- we were in his house and again noticed that the top scientific leader in Saudi Arabia with more than 60 books published just moved over the same doubts about which we talked with the students, professors and leaders of congregational prayer. If we do a major work on these 20 doubts, write 20 research treatises and organize a 10-page summary of them, we can be proficient at criticizing their thoughts and opinions and also have a free without any limiting factor when debating with them, but if we try to be only present in these discussions and take notes, it will not be useful and I don’t approve of that and I am sure researching in this way will get nowhere.

First subject: Spread of attacking the Shi 'ite culture, motives of these invasions and ways to fight against them

First point:

This may be clarified with statistics I give you. It may be unpleasant for some, but these are the fact we can 't ignore.

One of the research centers of Qum seminary school has collected about 5 thousand book titles about anti-Shi 'ism written since the third century A.H. there are 7 thousand doubts and in 600 titles found in these books. Scholars and specialist from seminary school and university are needed to give firm answers to these doubts. As they create these doubts from different Medias, we should give answers to them in the similar way using Internet, satellite channels, articles and so on. Now there about 15 research centers in Qum seminary school that majorly give answers to doubts. However we [12th Imam Research Institute (May God hasten his glad advent)] put all the answers given by research centers of seminary school in CD and also on Internet for public use. the Akad newspaper of Saudi Arabia on 1381/09/11 announced something about Pilgrimage days two years ago that 10 million and  685 thousand books in 20 modern languages of the world were distributed to pilgrims. Can we and other denominations stand comparison with their propagandas? Can you see how they have entered the arena using such tools and facilities? However Wahhabism doesn 't just fight Shi 'ism. Before Shi 'ism, Wahhabism has attacked other denominations because these doubts are pervasive among all denominations.

Some statistics were given in Trathna magazine No.6 page 33 that in one of the neighboring countries 60 titles of books about anti-Shi 'ism were published and distributed with a circulation of 30 million! I don’t know if we have a circulation of 30 million inside the country in a decade! Recently they have written a book named Lillah Thoma liTarikhwhich they believe it as the most mighty and important book about anit-Shi 'ism and have published it with a circulation of millions and distributed them to in Saudi Arabia and other countries. They have also published its translation with a circulation of millions and named it the Prophet 's family defend themselves and now make it available to Iranian university students. I met one of high-level Muftis and professors from Qatif a few months ago in grand Mecca. He said this was taken there in trucks and distributed in large numbers to the young Shi 'ites of Qatif and Ahsa in Saudi Arabia. It was published with a circulation of 100 thousand in Kuwait too and it was distributed even in queues of buying bread and meat. One of the Shi 'ite scholars in Kuwait officially warned Kuwaiti government that if they don 't withdraw this book from circulation, Kuwait will be the second Lebanon. And they immediately stopped its publication.

Second point:

Just to make it clear for you dears I mention some statistics given as examples just to tell what their doubts have been like and Imam Javad(Peace be upon him) as saying in Yazid ' gathering:

الحمد لله الذي جعل أعداءنا من الحمقاء

That is right and be aware of why they have waged such widespread attacks?

About 70% of 5 thousand titles of books mention above have been published after the victory and formation of Islamic Republic of Iran. It means during these 25 years, anti-Shi 'ite books have been published about two and a half times of the number published in last fourteen centuries. Why? Because from seventh and eighth century on they kept proselytizing and saying that Shi 'ism is of Islamic sects and their intellectual principles are in accordance with Islamic intellectual principles and they are heretic, pagans and in disagreement with the honored Prophet(May God have blessings upon him and his family), his Family(peace be upon them) and Gabriel. They even have proved Shi 'ism to have no relations with the Prophet 's Family, the Prophet 's Family(peace be upon them)  to be against Shi 'ism and that there is no congruity and harmony between Shi 'ism and the Prophet 's Family(peace be upon them). This is like a thief who breaks into your house telling you that all furniture in your house doesn 't belong to you and you have nothing to do with it. If God pleases, I will mention such instances.

They have proselytized for a long time, but saw that Iranian Shi 'ite people empty-handedly stood up against fully-equipped enemies who were unsparingly being supported by western and eastern superpowers and they were inspired by Shi 'i 'te culture and resisted:

كونا للظالم خصما و للمظلوم عونا.

Nahj al-Balaghah, letter 37

and continued inspired by Imam Husein:

هيهات منا الذلة.

Al-Ehtejaj le-Tabarsi,v2, p24- al-Lohuf Fi Qatli al-Tofuf le-Sayid Ibn Tawoos, p59- Mizan al-Hekmat le-Reishahri,v3, p2688

And they gained victory believing that they may get killed, but will have other-worldly bliss:

إِحْدَى الْحُسْنَيَيْنِ

Martyrdom or victory?

At-Tawba ( The Repentance) surah, verse 52

After the victory they established a governing system based on Shi 'ite jurisprudence and culture and day by day they move forward thriving in all international realms. Their progress was unbearable for Wahhabism and therefore they started to write books against Shi 'ism and wage attacks on them through and their own medias and satellite channels . I give some instances showing you how they don 't follow the most rudimentary moral matters.

Dr.Abdollah Mohammad Qarib- an Egyptian scientist- wrote a book called Wa Ja ' Dor al-Majoos and in the book he says:

إنّ الثورة الخمينيّة مجوسيّة و ليست إسلاميّة، أعجميّة و ليست عربيّة، كسرويّة و ليست محمّديّة.

[Imam] Khomeini 's movement in [Iran] is not Arabic, Islamic and in Mohammad 's way but Magus, barbarian, non-Arab and Mohammad 's follower.

Wa Ja ' Dor al-Majoos, p375

And he goes on so indecently and says:

نعلم أنّ حكّام طهران أشدّ خطرا على الإسلام من اليهود.

We absolutely know that Tehran leaders pose a more sever danger to Islam than Judaism 's danger.

Wa Ja ' Dor al-Majoos, p374

In a discussion with students of the university of Om al-Qaray near the Sacred House of God the same subject came up and I said:

This is an honor registered for the Islamic Republic of Iran that on Bahman 22th in 1375 , it gained victory and on Bahman 23th  brought about the closure of Israel embassy and replaced with Palestine embassy.

 Today it 's obvious for anyone, from rational to irrational and insane , that there is no enemy more dangerous, resistant and tougher than  Islamic Republic of Iran for Israel occupying regime. Even the Israeli leaders have mentioned this fact on their public medias many times. Therefore this Egyptian scientist must be very ridiculous to give such such opinions.

A Wahhabite scholar called Dr. Naser al-Din Qafari- professor at many universities in Medina- wrote a 3-volume treatise named Osol Mazhab al-Shi 'ite al-Ethna Ashariat and they believe it to be the best book ever written about anti-Shi 'ism and published it many times in less than 10 years. In volume 3, on page 1392 he says:

أدخل الخمينى إسمه في أذان الصلوات و قدّم إسمه حتّى على إسم النبيّ الكريم، فأذان الصلوات في ايران بعد إستلام الخمينى للحكم و فى كلّ جوامعها كما يلى: اللّه أكبر، اللّه اكبر، خمينى رهبر، أي الخميني هو القائد، ثمّ أشهد أنّ محمّدا رسول اللّه.

[Imam] Khomeini entered his name in call-to prayers and also made it prior to Prophet 's name. In Iran and all of its gatherings in time of call-to prayer announcement of [Imam] Khomeini 's name as the leader of Iran you hear, Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, Khomeini is our leader, then they say, we bear testimony to Mohammad being the Allah 's messenger.

I never forget that on Rajab 11th of last year at about 3 AM, near the Sacred House of Allah, I had a discussion with some students of Om al-Qara and they came up with the same points because these are what exactly they are taught. I told them:

This way of talking suits ordinary people! In the age of extensive circulation of information, Internet and satellite turning the world into a small global village, it 's not to be expected that you students and a university professor to talk this way! Now, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has many international channels and airs call-to prayers for times of Ankara, Canada, Hamburg, Los Angeles and… many times a day. Just listen to these call-to prayers to see if you hear Imam Khomeini 's name! It 's not fair that you circulate a bunch of lies, defamation and contraries inequitably in your society and make your people pessimist about Shi 'ism.

I swear to God that last year, when debating with some of their professors and I address them as- Brother- they explicitly told me: أنا لست به أخ لك، أنت مشرك و أنا مسلم: I 'm not your brother, you are pagan and I am Muslim. They did it three times in one meeting and I said: يا أيها الذي ليس أخ لي: O ye who is not a brother to me, this is what I 'm talking about:….

On the night of Rajab 11th, I was standing next to Yamani corner praying, a religious mentor approached me and said: don 't stand here, standing here is pagan. Then we started debating. A young Wahhabite from Qatar entered the discussion and said: you are pagan and heretic and don 't have to come to grand Mecca and Saudi government has to refuse your entrance and …. In return I said: if you want to get into a controversy, let 's not go on near the Sacred House of Allah and do it somewhere else. We left there to somewhere else and had an about five-hour discussion and some Sunnis and suchlike. I gave answers in a very documented and reasoned way. I swear to God that the Qatari young man who at first insulted me, kissed my face and forehead and apologized and we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and he insisted that we keep in touch from now on.

On the night of Rajab 14th, in vicinity of the Sacred House of Allah, a religious mentor approached me and said: what are these superstitions you Iranians believe in? I said: what superstitions? He said: that Imam Ali was born inside the Kaʽbah. I had a piece of paper with me, took it out and said: Hakem Neishabouri- of your best and high-level scholars and you all approved of him – in a book called al- Mustadrak Ala al-Sahihin- your most authentic book after the Six reliable traditionists Collections- in volume 3, page 483 he says:

فقد تواترت الأخبار أن فاطمة بنت أسد ولدت أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب كرم الله وجهه في جوف الكعبة.

Mr. Alvesi, of your great scholars who backs Wahhabism say the same thing. I named about 10 of their scholars who explicitly accepted that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) had been born inside the Ka 'bah. The religious mentor was totally stunned, took my hand and we went somewhere to talk. We went to the Ismail Stone (pbuh) where the religious mentors gathered and we were surrounded by people and raised doubts about distortion of Qoran, temporary marriage and the Fifth and… and I gave documented and reasoned answers. At 10:30 PM, our discussion started and and was over at 3:30 AM. The interesting thing is that I went for circumambulation the next night and I saw one of them looking for me. He saw me and said: why did you give us a wrong reference last night? Our friend went to the library and looked for the word Hakem Neishabouri and couldn 't find it in the book Mustadrak. I said: where is he? He said: he named a place. I saw that young man and he was solemn, demure and knowledgeable. When he met me, he said: seemingly, the version of what you told us of Hakem Neishabouri differs with the version that we have. I like his polite speaking. Because the first young man just said: why did you give us a wrong reference? And the second one said: the version we have is different. I said: the version I referred to has 4 volumes, was published in Beirut and researched by Dr. Marashi. He said: no, we have only three volumes. I said: we are near my location, I have a laptop. Come with me, I have a software I bought in grand Mecca and I want to show you the word Hakem Neighshabouri. At 2 AM, he came to my location, I gave him the reference and he gave it a careful study and wrote it down, then said: you said something about Bokhara history, show me that too. I did so and he wrote it down. Then he said something that was strange to me. He said: I really wonder that lots of books we have from our predecessors and we are not aware. He took my mobile phone number and email address and gave his and also insisted that we continue to be in contact with each other.

I mentioned all these points to clarify Imam Reza 's (pbuh) words that said:

فإن الناس لو علموا محاسن كلامنا لاتبعونا.

If people understand the beauty of our words, they certainly follow us.

Wasa 'el al-Shi 'ite ( Al al-Bayt publication) Lilhar al-Ameli, v27, p92 – Ayoon Akhbar al-Reza(pbuh) Lilsadoq, v2, p275

Frankly saying, we have been negligent. The increase of pagan population is due us being distressed. The reasons of their success in their far-reaching attacks and creating doubts to make people pessimistic about the Shi 'ites is , to some extent, because of our failure to well defend the Shi 'ism 's integrity and because we couldn 't or didn 't want to  lead the way to internationally introduce Shi 'ism. If we manage to do this well and if the legitimacy of Shi 'ism gets clear and justified to their educated youth, intellectuals and professors, I definitely believe they will enter the school of Shi 'ism and denend it better than the way we do.

As an example I name Dr. Esam al-Emad who graduated from the University of  Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud. He used to be the student of Bin Baz – the former great mufti of Saudi Arabia- and let Wahabbism in Yemen. He had written a book to deny Shi 'ism. But he met a young Shi 'ite in Yemen, he became so influenced, fascinated and fond of the young man that he decided to write a book named al-Monhej al-Jadid wa al-Sahih Fi al-Hawar Ma 'a al-Wahabin (the new approach and a proper dialogue with the Wahhabis). I myself have read this book many times and I think it 's necessary to read it for those who are going to debate with the Wahhabites. In this book he says:

و كل ما نقرأ كتابات إخواننا الوهابيين نزداد يقينا بأن المستقبل للمذهب الإثنا عشري.

When we read Wahhabite books, we find out that the only future denomination is Twelver Shi 'ism.

He quotes Sheikh Abdullah Alghnyman- professor of Medina University- as saying:

نحن الوهابيين علي يقين بأن المذهب الإثني عشري هو الذي سوف يجذب إليه كل أهل السنة و كل الوهابيين في المستقبل القريب.

We certainly believe, in near future, the Twelver Shi 'ism in the only denomination in which all Sunnis and Wahabbites will be absorbed.

al-Monhej al-Jadid wa al-Sahih Fi al-Hawar Ma 'a al-Wahabin, p178

I explicitly say that all this is due to the Shi 'ites being in proper compliance with Qoran, coming from the heart of Qoran and following the right practice of the Prophet Mohammad 's (God bless him and his family).

Sheikh Majdi Mohammed Ali Mohammed- the great Wahabbite writer- says:

جاءني شابّ من أهل السنّة حيران و سبب حيرته أنّه قد إمتدت إليه أيدي الشيعة، حتّى ظنّ المسكين أنّهم ملائكة الرحمة و فرسان الحقّ.

A Sunni young man came to me shocked and I asked him why he was shocked and  I realized that he had got in contact with the Shi 'ites and became familiar their opinions and thoughts and he thought of the Shi 'ites as being blessed angels, right seeking and righteous people.

Entesar al-Hagh, p11

At the present time, the Wahabbism itself is in complete dread of their youth getting to know the Shi 'ite thoughts and views.

Nasir al-Din Ghafari, in his book Osol Mazhab al-Shi 'ia al-Ethna Ashariat (the principles of Twelver Shi 'ite denomination), considers the expansion of the Shi 'ite culture as expansion of corruption among the Sunni youth and even he says that the Sunni youth have been drawn by Shi 'ism, and if you read the book Onvan al-Majd Fi Tarikh al-Basrat Wa Najd, you will be extremely surprised the fact that some tribes completely converted to Shi 'ism:

و قد تشيّع بسبب الجهود التي يبذلها شيوخ الإثني عشريّة من شباب المسلمين و من يطالع كتاب عنوان المجد في تاريخ البصرة و نجد يَهُولُه الأمر حيث يجدُ قبائل بأكملها قد تشيّعت.


Osol Mazhab al-Shi 'ia al-Ethna Ashariat (the principles of Twelver Shi 'ite denomination), p 5

This is what they fear and this is why they attack Shi 'ism and they are worried about their educated youth getting drawn by Shi 'ism. In recent decades, the fearful fact for them is the tendency in the Sunni university professors, students and intellectuals to Shi 'ism. In one of Cultural Institutes in Qom, the names of all who converted to Shi 'ism, specially during recent decades, have been compiled in a collection of books named Moso 'at Min Hayat al-Mostabserin in 14 volumes prepared so far.

I consider all this as primary steps for the advent of Imam Mahdi(12th Imam and may God hasten his advent).





(Peace be upon you and May God have mercy and blessings on you)





Dr.Sayid Mohammad Hoseini Qazvini 


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