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Muawiyah, founder of insulting and putting curse on leader of the faithful
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Muawiyah, founder of insulting and putting curse on leader of the faithful

velayat tv - November 13, 2016



 In The Name Of God

Date : November 13, 2016


Hello to all dear viewers of “Velayat” global channel worldwide, you’re watching “Habl al-Matin” program.

On these days, many of Imam “Husayn” [AS]’s lovers are moving towards “Karbala”.

Massive population of people will attend “Arbaeen” marching {Arbaeen, described as the world 's largest annual pilgrimage, is a ritual that occurs 40 days after the day the third Shiite Imam Hussein bin Ali was slain by forces loyal to the second Umayyad caliph Yazid in A.D. 680} that many of them are Iranians. Our dear expert Ayatollah Qazwini is here discussing different matter, hell master.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Hello to you and all dear and vulnerable viewers. I condole “Arbaeen” days to Imam “Mahdi” [AS] and all those who are interested in “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS].

I thank to all dears who attend “Arbaeen” massive marching from different countries such as: Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Portugal and other countries. Currently five hundred people from Portugal who are Non-Muslim have registered attending “Arbaeen” great marching. And also about one thousand people –Sunni Shia-Christian- from other European countries will attend it. According to statistics number of Iranians who participate in “Arbaeen” marching is 100% percent more than last year.

The more Wahhabis talk in this regard, the more people’s love -Shia-Sunni- Non Muslim- towards Imam “Husayn” [AS] will be.

(وَ لا یزِیدُ الظَّالِمِینَ إِلاَّ خَسارا)

 But to the harm doers it does not increase them, except in loss

Sura Al-Isra’- verse 82

Mayer of “Karbala” has said that the number of pilgrims has increased by 27% compare to last year.

Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] says:

«إِنَّ لِقَتْلِ الْحُسَینِ حَرَارَةً فِی قُلُوبِ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ لَا تَبْرُدُ أَبَداً»

Imam “Husayn” [AS]’s martyrdom has made fire in believers’ heart that will never cool down.

“Mustadrak al-Wsae’il”- v 10, p 318


In the last sessions we asked questions about Imam “Hasan” [AS]’s peace treaty with “Muawiyah” and master “Qazwini” answered them.

One of the contents of this treaty that master “Qazwini” mentioned was that “Muawiyah” shouldn’t insult commander of the faithful Ali [AS].

I want master talking about this issue more, because insulting and putting cursing on Hadrat “Ali” [AS] was really weird act.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Before answering your question I mention to this point that we should avoid insulting Sunnis’ sanctities and we know it big sin.

I apologize in advance if I or my friends say something that Sunnis consider it as insulting their sanctities. Same goes for the past.

Dear Sunnis shouldn’t forget this point that quoting some facts from Sunni books is not only insulting but it means informing and increasing people’s insight.

Many dear Sunnis call or send message that why our scholars don’t quote issues that you quote from our books?! Why do they hide these issues?

They explicitly say that why our scholars don’t like our information to get more so that we have better selection and our information about the history of beginning of Islam increases.

Sunnis believe that if someone sees Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] just for one hour, he’s amongst Sahaba

«من رأی النبی ولو ساعة واحدة فهو صحابی»

If it’s true so, many of infidels are companions of prophet [PBUB]; because guys like “Abu-Jahl” and “Abu Lahab” saw prophet [PBUH] either.

As for “Muwiyah”, I have said several times that as commander of the faithful [AS] says in “Nahaj al-Balalagha”, sermon 16, he wasn’t Muslim but he hid his infidelity.

And “Ammar Yasir” who is accepted by Shia and Sunni says that “Muawiyah” hadn’t become Muslim, let alone being the companion of prophet [PBUH]!!

“Muawiyah abu Sufyan” is the founder of problems that we see in Islam world, he caused Uthman’s assassination. He wanted “Uthman” to be killed so that he uses revenging his blood getting to caliphate, there are many narratives in Sunni books in this regard.

And “Uthman” said in his letter to “Muawiyah”: you didn’t help me until they kill me and you get the caliphate and position under the pretext of revenging my murdering.

“Muawiyah” caused the martyrdom of Imam “Husayn” [AS], we talked about comprehensively.

I said in last session that Imam “Hasan” [AS]’s peace treaty with Muawiyah was imposed and one of its conditions was that “Muawiyah” shouldn’t select anyone as caliph after himself and it’s abdicated to Muslims’ council and that he should live up to god’s book {Quran} and prophet [PBUH]’s Sunnah.

“Muawiyah” didn’t stick to not of them and selected his drunken son “Yazid” as caliph. We have said several times that he breached the treaty and selected his son as caliph and paved the way for Imam “Husayn” [AS]’s martyrdom.

He would insult and put curse on commander of the faithful [AS] and ordered others to do so and it had become customary amongst Muslims!! According to some narratives written in Sunni books commander of the faithful [AS] was insulted on the pulpits for 60 to 80 years.

Is insulting “Abu-Bakr” and “Umar” is infidelity but putting cursing on Hadrat “Ali” [AS] who was Muslims’ caliph has spiritual reward?! Assuming that he wasn’t caliph, was he one of Sahaba {companions of prophet} or not?

There are many narratives in Sunni books that :

من سب الصحابه فهو زندیق

The one who insults Sahaba is infidel.

Or this narrative:

من سب احدا من الصحابه خرج من الدین!!”

Nowadays Wahahbis say that Shia insult Sahaba, while prophet [PBUH] says:

«من سب أصحابی لعنه الله والملائکة والناس أجمعون»

May god and angels and humans damn anyone who insults Sahaba.

“Al-Haythami”- Majma’ al-Zawa’id wa Manba’ al-Fawa’id- v 10, p 21

Was commander of the faithful Ali [AS] amongst Sahaba or not? If not, was he Muslim or not?! It’s written in “Sahih Bukhari” book:

«سِبَابُ الْمُسْلِمِ فُسُوقٌ وَقِتَالُهُ کفْرٌ»

Insulting a Muslim is immorality and fighting Muslims is blasphemy.

“Sahih Bukhari”- v 1, p 27

These are issues that must be said until Shias and Sunnis know these historical facts and find out the reality, what strange is that some guys says that the meaning of “insulting” is “criticizing”. In their opinion when prophet [PBUH] says:

من سب أصحابی لعنه الله

It means: May god damn anyone who criticizes Sahaba. Also this narrative:

«من سب علیا فقد سبنی ومن سبنی فقد سب الله»

“The History of Damascene”- Hibat Allah ibn Abdullah al-Shafi’i”- v 14, p 132

In the last session I said issues from “Tarikh ibn Khaldun” book, he says in this book, v 2, p 648:

«وألا یشتم علیا وهو یسمع»

I don’t give up insulting “Ali” just because it’s one of the contents of treaty.

In this narrative “Muawiyah” says: I insult “Ali”. What an obscenity.

Dear Sunni you accept commander of the faithful “Ali” [AS] as fourth caliph or one Sahaba and Muslim, Imam “Hasan” [AS] said in utmost innocence:

«فَطَلَبَ أَنْ لَا یشْتُمَ وَهُوَ یسْمَعُ» «فَأَجَابَهُ إِلَی ذَلِک» «ثُمَّ لَمْ یفِ لَهُ بِهِ أَیضًا»

At least don’t insult “Ali” [AS] in a place that I’m in there. “Muawiyah” accepted but he didn’t even live up to it.

“Ibn Athir”- The complete History- v 3, p 6

Look this issue isn’t written in Shia books but it’s an issue that all dear Sunnis have said it and there isn’t any doubt about it and it’s a quite clear matter.

It’s written in “The history of Damascene” book, v 13, p 264:

«تسلیم الامر إلی معاویة علی أن یعمل بکتاب الله وسنة رسوله»

Imam “Hasan” [AS] gave caliphate to “Muawiyah” until he practices god’s book and prophet [PBUH]’s Sunna.

One of contemporary researchers discusses each and every content of Imam “Hasan” [AS]’s peace treaty in “History of Damascus” book, v 13, p 264, searched by “Muhib al-Din abu Sa’id Umar bin Gharama”:

«أن یکون الامر للحسن من بعده» «أن یترک سب أمیر المؤمنین والقنوت علیه بالصلاة وان لا یذکر علیا إلا بخیر»

And that Imam “Hasan” [AS] be the caliph after “Muawiyah” and that “Muawiyah” shouldn’t insults Hadrat “Ali” [AS] in his prayers’ “Qunut”. {"Qunut" is a supplication type of prayer made while standing in Islam} and says good things about him.

Then he says: “Muawiyah” didn’t accept it. Then Imam “Hasan” [AS] said at least don’t insult my father “Ali” [AS] in a place I’m in there.

«ثم لم یف به أیضا»

“Muawiyah” didn’t stick to this one either.

“Ibn Asakir”-The History of Damascus- v 13, p 264 {footnote}


In the beginning of Islam many guys including some Christians praised commander of the faithful [AS], my question is that why “Muawiyah” would insult Hadrat “Ali” [AS]?

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

“Muawiyah” fought prophet [PBUH] and Islam in “Mecca” for 13 years and in “Median” for 8 years.

Muawiyah’s grandfather, uncles and brothers were killed by Hadrat “Ali” [AS] at the instruction of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

In other word, “Muawiyah” fought prophet [PBUH] 21 years and these guys caused the death of 70 of companions of prophet [PBUH].

Prophet [PBUH]’s uncle “Hamza” was killed by them and Muawiyah’s mother drew his liver out and made a necklace with it for herself.

These guys couldn’t fight prophet [PBUH] but since they knew that prophet [PBUH]’s prophecy will be continued by commander of the faithful Ali [AS]’s Imamate and caliphate they waited for better opportunity.

Prophet [PBUH]’s personality has been summarized in Hadrat “Ali” [AS], prophet said several times:

 «عَلِی مِنِّی وَ أَنَا مِنْه»

“Ali” is from me and I’m from “Ali”.

There are many authentic narratives in this regard and there isn’t any doubt about it. For instance:

“Ibn Athir” writes in “Asad al-GHaba fi Ma’rifat al-Sahaba” book, vol. 4, p 117 about “Yemen” army that complained from commander of the faithful Ali [AS], prophet [PBUH] told them:

«ما تریدون من علی؟ إِن عَلِیاً منی وأَنا من عَلِی»

What do you want from Ali? Ali is from me and I’m from “Ali”.

And it’s also written in “Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal” book, vol. 5, p 356, Hadith No. 23062:

«لاَ تَقَعْ فی علی فإنه مِنِّی وأنا منه وهو وَلِیکمْ بعدی»

While this Wahhabi says in footnote:

«إسناده ضعیف بهذه السیاقة»

But this issue has been said in this book searched by “Ahmad Zin” who is a fair person, he says in footnote:

«اسناده صحیح و أجلح الکندی موثق»

I said this issue so that brainless Wahhabi experts wouldn’t say that why Master “Qazwini” didn’t read the footnote.

“Al-Dhahabi” says about them: “the followers of “Ibn Taymoyyah” are all brainless and narrow minded!!”

He says {Wahhabi expert}: “why didn’t he read footnote?!” what would I do? When I read footnote, he says: “invalid”, but this guy says: “authentic”; while there is only one narrative.

If I don’t read narrative in the foot note, they say: why didn’t he read it. What interesting is that Mr.”Albani” says after quoting this narrative:

«وإسناده حسن، رجاله ثقات رجال الشیخین غیر الأجلح، وهو ابن عبد الله الکندی، مختلف فیه، وفی " التقریب ": "صدوق شیعی"»

“Albani”- Silsalat al-Hadith as-Sahiha- vol. 5, p 262

Responding those who say that he is a Shia person and why you’re practicing Shia narratives, he says: our criterion is honesty and that he’s retentive and narrative’s faith is something between him and his god and isn’t related to us.

And prophet “Muhammad” [PBUH] says: “Ali” is from me, he’s my soul. We’ve read “Mubahila” verse several times and dears saw that all even “Ibn Kathir” says that the meaning of “self” in this verse is “Ali ibn abi Talib” [AS]:

(فَقُلْ تَعالَوْا نَدْعُ أَبْناءَنا وَ أَبْناءَکمْ وَ نِساءَنا وَ نِساءَکمْ وَ أَنْفُسَنا وَ أَنْفُسَکم)

“Those who dispute with you concerning him after the knowledge has come to you, say: 'Come, let us gather our sons and your sons, our womenfolk and your womenfolk, ourselves and yourselves. Then let us humbly pray, so lay the curse of Allah upon the ones who lie.”

Sura Al-E-Imran- verse 61

So “Muawiyah” began insulting Hadrat “Ali” to show his heart belief towards Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

There is a narrative in “Al-Mustadrak alaa al-Sahihain” vol. 3, that its narrator is “Abdullah Jadali”. He says I went to “Umm Salama”, she told me:

«أیسب رسول الله فیکم»

Amongst you there are some who insult prophet [PBUH]!

“Abdullah Jadali” says in response:

«فقلت معاذ الله أو سبحان الله أو کلمة نحوها»

“Umm Salama” said:

«سمعت رسول الله یقول من سب علیا فقد سبنی»

I heard from Prophet [PBUH] that anyone who insults “Ali” has insulted me.

“Muawiyah” can’t insult Prophet [PBUH] directly, he insults someone who is Prophet [PBUH]’s soul, the one who is from Prophet [PBUH] and Prophet Muhammad is from him as well!!

«هذا حدیث صحیح الإسناد ولم یخرجاه»

“Hakim Nishapuri” Al-Mustadrak alaa al-Sahihain- v 3, p 130

“Al-Dhahabi” has said in footnote that this narrative is authentic. And it’s also written in “Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal” book written by “Shu’ayb al-Arnaut”:

«أیسب رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم فیکم قلت معاذ الله أو سبحان الله أو کلمة نحوها قالت سمعت رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم یقول من سب علیا فقد سبنی»

“Shu’ayb” says about this narrative:

«إسناده صحیح»

Its document is authentic.

“Munad Ahmad ibn Hanbal”- v 6, p 323

Then he says: “Al-Hakim Nishapuri” and “Al-Dhahabi” say that this narrative is authentic.

That “Muawiyah” doesn’t accept to stop insulting prophet [PBUH] while it’s amongst contents of peace treaty, it’s because he wants to show his grudge towards Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] indirectly. While Muawiyah’s evil, drunken son “Yazid” does so directly:

«لیت أشیاخی ببدر شهدوا * جزع الخزرج من وقع الأسل

قد قتلنا القرم من ساداتهم * وعدلنا میل بدر فاعتدل

فأهلوا واستهلوا فرحا * ثم قالوا: یا یزید لا تشل

لست من خندف إن لم أنتقم * من بنی أحمد ما کان فعل

لعبت هاشم بالملک فلا * خبر جاء ولا وحی نزل»

“Al-Ghadir”- writer: “al-Shaykh Amini”- v 3, p 261

Dear friends, it’s a clear matter and we don’t need thinking about it. We should just put religious prejudice aside.

Dear friends, not of narratives that I said were from Shia books and “Umm Salama” is mother of believers who both Shia and Sunni have accepted her.

So, “Muawiyah” didn’t accept to stop insulting commander of the faithful [AS] and just promised not to put curse on Hadrat “Ali” [AS] in a place that Imam “Hasan” is there but he didn’t keep his word either!!

The reason is that he can’t clean his enmity and grudge towards Prophet [PBUH] from his heart; because Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] has killed his grandfather, brother and uncle.

So, Muawiyah’s target of insulting commander of the faithful [AS] is to express his enmity and grudge towards Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].


Thank you dear master many of our viewers are Sunni, Wahhabi or Salafi {those who insults commander of the faithful Ali “AS”} who are following our discussion for a reason.

My question is that if this fact that “Muawiyah” would insult commander of the faithful [AS] is written in Sunni books or not?!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

There are many things to say in this regard, it’s not one or two narratives. If I want to talk about it, our discussion will take long time.

I’ll mention to some of them and will talk about it comprehensively in the future.

It’s written in “Al-Musannif ” book:

«قدم معاویة فی بعض حجاته فأتاه سعد فذکروا علیا فنال منه معاویة»

“Muawiyah” and “Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas” met each other in “Hajj” ritual and began insulting commander of the faithful and “Sa’d” got upset.

“Ibn abi Shaybah”- Al-Musannif fi al-Ahadith wa al-Athar – vol. 6, p 366

And it’s also written in “Sunan ibn Majah” searched by “Nasir al-Din Albani”:

«معاویة فی بعض حجاته فدخل علیه سعد فذکروا علیا فنال منه فغضب سعد»

Mr.”Albani” says about this narrative:

«صحیح، الصحیحة (4 / 335)»

This narrative is authentic, this narrative is written in “Al-Sahiha” book, vol. 4, p 335.

“Sunan ibn Majah”- vol. 1, p 121

“Ibn Kathir Damascene” says in “Al-Bidayah wa’l-Nihaya”- vol. 7, p 341

«فلما فرغ ادخله دار الندوة فاجلسه معه علی سریره ثم ذکر علی بن أبی طالب فوقع فیه» «فقال ادخلتنی دارک واجلستنی علی سریرک ثم وقعت فی علی تشتمه»

When “Muawiyah” left “Dar al-Nadwah”, he sat “Sa’d ibn Waqqas” by his bed and began insulting “Ali”, “Sa’d abi Waqqas” said: you brought me home and sat me by your bed and now you’re insulting “Ali” in front of me.

“Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas” said: there are three qualities in “Ali ibn abi Talib” that if I had one of them it would be more valuable to me than what sun hits it. First quality is what Prophet [PBUH] said to “Ali” [AS]:

«ان تکون منی بمنزلة هارون من موسی»

“Ibn Kathir” “Al-Bidaya wa’I-Nihaya”- vol. 7, p 341

Second quality is that Prophet [PBUH] gave the flag to “Ali” in the battle of “Khaybar” and said: “Ali is the one who is liked by god and Prophet and he likes them as well”. Third quality is that he is Prophet [PBUH]’s son-in-law.

This narrative is quite clear and “Ibn Kathir Damascene” is the student of “Ibn Taymiyyah”. And Mr.”Ibn Abd Rabbih” writes in “Aqd al-Farid”, vol. 4:

«معاویة فدخل المدینة وأراد أن یلعن علیاً علی منبر رسول الله» «فقیل له إن ههنا سعد بن أبی وقاص ولا نراه یرضی بهذا فابعث إلیه» «وخذ رأیه فأرسل إلیه وذکر له ذلک»

“Muawiyah” wanted to put curse on “Ali” on top of Prophet [PBUH]’s pulpit, I told him: “Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas” is here and doesn’t let you insulting “Ali” on top Prophet [PBUH]’s pulpit. Send someone to him seeing if he’s pleased of this act or not.

“Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas” is one of the members of six-person council and was killed at the instruction of “Muawiyyah” because he would hinder the caliphate of “Yazid”. People wouldn’t go to “Yazid” while one of the members of six-person council was alive.

When he sent someone to “Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas” to see if he’s accepts “Muawiyah” insulting “Ali” on top of Prophet [PBUH]’s pulpit he said:

«إن فعلت لأخرجن من المسجد ثم لا أعود إلیه»

 if you insult “Ali”, I‘ll never enter “Masjid an-Nabawi”. {Prophet’s mosque}.

«فأمسک معاویة عن لعنه حتی مات سعد»

“Muawiyah” didn’t put curse on “Ali” in “Masjid an-Nabawi” and did so after “Sa’d” died.

“Ibn Abd Rabbih”- “Al-Aqd al-Farid- vol. 4, p 342

Such narrative is written in “Baqiyah al-Talab fi Tarikh al-Halab” book from “Ibn Nadim” who is Sunni scholar.

There is a narrative from “Abu Ayyub Khalid ibn Zayd Badri” in the seventh volume of this book. He’s the same person who went to prophet [PBUH] when he entered “Medina” and he was with commander of the faithful [AS] in the battle of “Khawarij” and discussed with “Khawarij”.

«وهو الذی قال لمعاویة حین سب علیا» «کف یا معاویة عن سب علی فی الناس» «فقال معاویة ما أقدر علی ذلک منهم»

He’s the same person who said to “Muawiyah” when he was insulting “Ali”: “Muawiyah”! don’t insult ”Ali” in front of people, “Muawiyah” said: I can’t do so.

Whole his soul was filled with the enmity towards “Ali” and Prophet [PBUH]. “Ayyub Ansari” said:

«والله لا أسکن ارضا اسمع فیها سب علی» «فخرج إلی ساحل البحر حتی مات رحمه الله»

Swear by god I don’t reside on a land that “Ali” is insulted there. He left the city to “Sahil al-Bahr” and died in there.

“Baqiyat al-Talab fi Tarikh al-Halab”- vol. 7, p 3033

It’s very clear issue that doesn’t need to be explained. And it’s also written in “Al-Manqib” book:

«أنّ معاویة لعن علیاً (علیه السلام) علی المنبر وکتب إلی عمّاله أن یلعنوه علی منابرهم»

“Muawiyah” would put curse on “Ali” [AS] on the pulpit and wrote to his governors to do so.

“Ibn Marduwyah Isfahani”- Al-Manaqib- p 82

Dear friends! Not of these books are from Shia, all of them belong to Sunni.

And one of “Egypt” prominent figures named “Ahmad ibn al-Siddiq al-Ghumari” says in “Al-Jawab al-Mufid” book, p 59:

«تواتر من لعن معاویة لعلی علی المنبر»

That “Muawiyah” would insult “Ali” on the pulpit is “Mutawatir”. {Hadith “Mutawatir is a hadith which is reported numerously by different narrators and through various chains of transmission in a way}

When he was ruler, “Muawiyah” would insult “Ali” [AS] and it was continued until the time of “Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz”, Mr.”Al-Ghumari” says:

«یزعم النواصب ان ذلک ان اعنی لعن معاویة کان اجتهادا»

“Nawasib” -enemies of Ahl al-Bayt [AS]- think that “Muawiyah” has done “Ijtihad” {superior canonical scholarship (enabling the person to develop a capacity for making conclusions, and offer verdict on controversial propositions based on his interpretation of the Holy Quran and Traditions which is the highest level of religious scholarship } getting to this conclusion that he should insult “Ali”.

This is what is said on Wahhabi devil channels as well. They say “Muawiyah” did “Ijtihad” and fought “Ali” [AS].

Then he says great response:

“How did he do “Ijtihad”?! Did he do so from prophet [PBUH]’s Sunna?! Prophet [PBUH] says about believers:

«لعن المؤمن کقتله»

If some puts curse on a believer, it’s as if he’s killed him.

As Holy Quran says:

(وَ مَنْ یقْتُلْ مُؤْمِناً مُتَعَمِّداً فَجَزاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خالِداً فی‌ها وَ غَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَیهِ وَ لَعَنَهُ وَ أَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذاباً عَظِیما)

The recompense for he who kills a believer deliberately is Gehenna (Hell), he is eternal there. Allah will be angry with him and will curse him and prepare for him a great punishment.

Sura An-Nisa / verse 93

Then he says:

«فاذا کان الاجتهاد یدخل اللعن و ارتکاب الکبائر»

If “Muawiyah” did “Ijtihad” that putting curse on “Ali” is fine, so any thief, adulterer and wine drinker can say: “I did Ijtihad” doing so.”

“Ahmad ibn al-Siddiq al-Ghumari”- “Al-Jawab al-Mufid”- p 59

Prophet [PBUH] says about those who fight commander of the faithful Ali [AS], Hadrat “Fatimah” [AS], Imam “Hasan” [AS] and Imam “Husayn” [AS]:

«أَنَا حَرْبٌ لِمَنْ حَارَبَکم»

those who fight you, have fought me.

“Al-Musannif fi al-Ahadith wa al-Athar”- “Ibn abi Shayba”- vol. 1, p 355

“Ijtihad” must be from prophet [PBUH]’s Sunna,

What interesting is that “Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zuhra” the master of “Al-Azhar” university who is called “Imam Abu Zahra” says issues in this regard.

Those who say: “why do you say about leader “Muawiyah” {may god be pleased of him} such things?!” pay attention to these issues. “Imam Muhammad Abu Zahra” has a book named “al-Imam Zayd”, he says:

«فقد سن معاویة سنتا سیئتا فی الإسلام»

“Muawiyah” made bad Sunna in Islam and it was insulting Imam “Ali ibn abi Talib” on the pulpits.

“Al-Imam Zayd”- p 99

This person is not Shia and isn’t amongst old scholars saying he didn’t know. This person is a master in contemporary time and is aware, the person who is called “Imam”.


This person has written books about the founders of four sects.

Ayatollah “Huseini Qazwini”:

Yes, this person is researcher and fair. He says: “Muawiyah” made bad Sunna in Islam and it was insulting commander of the faithful [AS] on the pulpits after delivering Friday prayer’s sermons.

He also says: “historians have numerous narratives in this regard. “Ibn Athir” quotes that “Ibn Jarir” has written in his history book: some of elders of Sahaba forbade this bad act that mother of believers “Umm Salama” is one of them.

“Umm Salama” said: you’re in fact insulting prophet [PBUH] when you put curse on “Ali Ibn abi Talib” on the pulpits. But “Muawiyah” didn’t care about what “Umm Salama” said.

He quotes a story in which “Umar ibn Habira” who was governor of “Iraq” received a letter from “Muawiyah”. He said to “Hasan Basri” and “Shu’bi” who were amongst big Sunni cotemporary scholars: “Yazid ibn abd al-Malik” has sent a letter in which he wanted me to put curse on “Ali ibn abi Talib”, what would I do?!

“’Amir Shu’bi” said: since ”Hasan Basri” has higher scientific position than me I want to live up to what “Hasan Basri” says, “Hasan Basri” said:

«یا عمر بن هبیرة یوشک أن ینزل بک ملک من ملائکة الله فظ غلیظ» «لا یعصی الله ما أمره فیخرجک من سعة قصرک إلی ضیق قبرک یا عمر بن هبیرة إن تتق الله یعصمک من یزید بن عبد الملک»

Know that when you’re dying, an angel from god’s angels will come to you, they never disobey god’s orders and will take you out of this big palace to narrow grave in which “Yazid ibn abd Al-Malik” won’t help you out.

Al-Mizzi”- Tahzib al-Kamal- vol. 6, p 113

He said in continue: the one who helps you is god almighty. “Umar ibn Habira” be afraid of god insulting “Ali” at the instruction of “Yazid ibn abd Al-Malik”. If you don’t insult “Ali” [AS], “Yazid” may bother you in this world but you’ll feel comfortable in grave.

“Imam abu Zahra” writes: “Imam “Sadiq” [AS] showed the grave of commander of the faithful [AS] to people. After getting to caliphate, “Banu Umayya” caliphs tried a lot to hide the virtues of Hadrat “Ali” [AS]. Shias of commander of the faithful Ali [AS] wanted to hide his grave so that “Banu Umayya” libertines don’t destroy it insulting his body.

Imam “Jawad” [AS] was asked: why was the grave of your grandfather Ali [AS] hidden until the time of Imam “Sadiq” [AS]? He answered: if “Banu Umayya” and “Khawarij” knew where it is, they would destroy my grandfather’s grave and burn his body!!

This is what “al-Azhar” master says:

“If libertines of “Banu Umayya” knew where “Ali” [AS]’s grave is they would insult the holy body of Ali” [AS], as they insulted “Ali” on the pulpits. They would call him “Abu Turab”; because they wanted to humiliate and insult him.”

The he says:

“From this issue we find out that Imam “Sadiq” [AS] was amongst first guys who pilgrimaged “Ali” in “Iraq”. Narratives in this regard show that “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS] knew the place of the grave of “Ali ibn abi Talib”, we don’t know why “Nawasibs” don’t know!!”

Then he says:

«و کان علم هذه الأمارات عند الصادق تبارکه عن آبائه الکرام»

Imam “Sadiq” had knowledge and even he had taken the knowledge of knowing the place of the grave of commander of the Faithful in “Najaf” form his ancestors.

It’s clear that other Shia Imams [AS] knew where “Ali” [AS]’s grave is and would pilgrimage it, but they didn’t want to reveal its place until the time of Imam “Sadiq” [AS].

This person is not Shia but he’s a well-known figure and university professor who is called “Imam”. I want to mention to two points:

1: it’s written in “Rabi’ al-Abrar” book written by “al-Zamakhshari”:

«ألا أن الدنیا لم تبن شیئاً إلا هدمته الآخرة، وأن الآخرة لم تبن شیئاً فهدمته الدنیا»

Thing that world seekers established in the world, resurrection destroyed it, but what has been established for the resurrection, world couldn’t destroy it.

What is done for devil and passion is destroyed but what’s done for god won’t be destroyed. Then he says: 

«وأن بثی أمیة لعنو علیا علی منابرهم سبعین سنة فما زاده الله إلا رفعة ونبلاً»

“Banu Umayya” put curse on “Ali” for seventy years but what they did had nothing for “Ali” other than glory and greatness in position.

“Al-Zamakshari”- Rabi’ al-Abrar- vol. 2, p 335

And Mr.”Ibn Abd al-Barr” says in “Al-Isti’ab” book:

«بنی مروان شتموه ستین سنة» «فلم یزده الله بذلک إلا رفعة وإن الدین لم یبن شیئا فهدمته الدنیا»

“Banu Marwan” insulted “Ali” on top of the pulpits, but these insults had no result other than raising the position of “Ali”.

“Ibn Abd al-Barr”- Al-Isti’ab- v 1, p 334


Thank you very for your great explanations. Dear master! May I ask another question or listen to contacts.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

We’d better listen to the contacts.


I emphasize again that Sunnis call us and at least discus their opinions about what “Muawiyah” has done and Sunna that he made.

Before listening to contacts, I express my condolence to all Shias of commander of the faithful Ali [AS]. Tonight is the martyrdom night of “Muhamamd ibn abi-Bakr” who was killed at the instruction of “Muawiyah”. He had especial enmity towards Shias of “Ali” [AS]. He killed “Muhammad Ibn abi-Bakr” who was amongst the companions of commander of the faithful [AS] and insulted his body because he was in “Ali” [AS]’s army.

Viewer: {Murtaza- Shia}:

I say hello to you and Ayatollah “Qazwini”. I have two questions.

1: several nights ago Mr.”Hashimi” claimed that all narratives related to pilgrimaging prophet [PBUH]’s grave are fake and lie.

I want you to explain about it. However, Mr.”Sharifi” called them and said an issue from “Mulavi Sarbazi” but he hung up on him and didn’t let him to finish his saying.

I use this chance and say: unfortunately, whenever Mr.”Sharifi” and others from “Nedai” Shia channel contact these channels, they hang up on them, I want to say to Mr.”Hashimi”:

Mr.”Hashemi”, if you claim that you’re inviting to theism so, why are you afraid of scientific discussion?! Let’s fact gets clear. I watched the debate between the expert of “Nedai Shai” channel and Mr.”Sujuodi”, it was so good.

If they dare to debate with experts of “Nedai Shia”, all will find out the reality.

2: there is a narrative in “Al-Kafi” book in which Hadrat “Ali” [AS] has reasoned the event of “Al-Ghadir Khumm” to prove his caliphate. But Mr.”Hashimi” claims that “Salim ibn Qais” who is one the narrators of this narrative is anonymous and “Abraham Ibn Hashim” isn’t reliable. Then someone called them and proved their reliability, but I like you to show its documents. Thank you.


Thank you for your calling. Your questions will be answered.

Viewer: {Mr.”Muosawi”- Shia}

Some Sunni brothers use sentences such as: “leader Muawiyah” mentioning his name. What’s the charge of the guy who has killed an Imam such as: Imam “Hasan” [AS] and Imam “Husayn” [AS]?! Didn’t “Muawiyah” cause the death of Imam “Hasan” and Imam “Husayn” [AS]?! Did he do “Ijtihad” in here too?! Was he given spiritual reward for such acts?!

Despite all this crimes that “Muawiyah” committed and his insults towards commander of the faithful [AS], how can they say such things about him?!


Thank you for your calling. Master will answer you.

Viewer: {Ali- Sunni}:

Hello Mr.”Qazwini”.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:



What I want to say is that Imam “Ali” has many good qualities and prophet [PBUH] has praised him; but you say that “Muawiyah” would put curse on “Ali”, how is that possible that Imam “Ali” accepts it?!


Did “Muawiyah” use to insult openly before commander of the faithful Ali [AS]’s martyrdom?! This event happened after Imam “Ali” [AS]’s martyrdom, at the time of Imam “Hasan” [AS].


Imam “Ali” was god’s lion {one Ali [AS]’s titles} and “Muawiyah” can’t insult him.


It happened at the time of Imam “Hasan” [AS] after Imam “Ali” [AS]’s martyrdom. You didn’t pay attention; “Muawiyah” began insulting “Ali” [AS] at the time of peace treaty.

Contents of peace treaty that master talked about them are for after commander of the faithful [AS]’s martyrdom.


He doesn’t say Quran verse and just says: that narrative says such thing. One believes what god has said, there are many narratives.


You want master “Qazwni” saying a verse that shows that “Muawiyah” has insulted commander of the faithful [AS].


No I don’t, he just says narrative about anything not Quran verse.


It’s very clear matter. This event happened after Holy Quran was sent down completely and after commander of the faithful [AS]’s martyrdom. Dear brother! it’s very clear matter.


Our belief is that no one can insult Hadrat “Ali”; because his power was divine.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

So these guys and elders such as: “Abu Zahra”, the professor of “Al-Azhar” university who persists on this matter don’t know as much as you.


I’m illiterate at all, but my mind says so.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

My dear if you’re illiterate, go and ask your elders. “Muawiyah” was in “Mecca” for 13 years, did he fight prophet [PBUH] and prophet have to leave his house because of him or not?!


He fought prophet [PBUH] and we know it.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

May god bless your loved ones. Didn’t these guys cause the martyrdom of Hadrat “Hamza”?! Didn’t they tear his liver?!


Yes, they did.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

My dear, you’ll find this issue if you refer to “Nahj al-Balagha” book.


I’m illiterate, I think that Imam “Ali” was god’s lion and no one could insult him.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

My dear! Insulting and putting curse on “Ali” [AS] happened after his martyrdom, did commander of the faithful [AS] have to come out of grave drawing sword fighting “Muawiyah”?! Wasn’t god’s lion in the battle of “Uhud”?! Didn’t these guys martyr “Hamza” in this battle?! Commander of the faithful [AS] and Prophet [PBUH] weren’t supposed to root out infidels by miracle!


I brought up this matter because you said that “Muawiyah” insulted commander of the faithful Ali [AS]. I got mad at this saying and got headache after hearing it.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

What I quoted are all written in Sunni books and didn’t say anything from Shia books.


Yes “Muawiyah” did so, but you don’t repeat until we don’t get upset.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

My dear! These guys use words such as: “commander of the faithful “Muawiya” and “Muawiyah {may god be pleased of him}” or write on the top the grave of “Hujr ibn Udai” companion of prophet [PBUH] that “Hujr ibn Udai” {may god be pleased of him} was martyred at the instruction of “Muawiyah” {may god be pleased of him}!

Tonight is the martyrdom night of “Muhammad ibn abi Bakr” the son of your caliph {Abu-Bakr}. He was martyred at the instruction of “Muawiyah”. He killed him and put his body in donkey skin and burned it. “A’isha” would put curse on both “Muawiyah” and “Amr ‘As” after each prayer.

Have you ever heard this issue or not?!


If someone bothers prophet [PBUH]’s “Ahl al-Bayt”, god puts curse on him and we don’t need to do so.


After hearing that “Muawiyah” would insult commander of the faithful Ali [AS], you got headache. May god give you spiritual reward that you like commander of the faithful [AS] so much.

Now imagine this fact that they used to insult commander of the faithful [AS] in front of Imam “Hasan” [AS] and as Sunni elders say “Muawiyah” would do so either.

Imagine how upset Imam “Hasan” [AS] would get when they would insult his father in front of him. Imam “Hasan” [AS] wrote peace treaty so that at least they don’t insult Hadrat “Ali” [AS] in front of him, but “Muawiyah” didn’t stick to it and would insult commander of the faithful [AS]!!

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

It’s written in “The complete history” book, vol. 3, p 230 that when “Muhammad Ibn Abu-Bakr” was arrested, they told him: we’ll put you in donkey skin and burn.

“Muhammad ibn Abu-Bakr” said: it’s not new act, I was done about many of righteous people”. Murderer of “Muhammad ibn Abu-Bakr” got angry and killed him and put him in donkey skin and burned him. When “A’isha”, Prophet [PBUH]’s wife was notified about it, she did sigh and cried out and would put curse on “Muawiyah” and “Amr ‘As” in the “Qunut” of each prayer.

This issue is written in the “Al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya” book, written by “Ibn Kathir Damascene” vol. 7, p 315 and “Majma’ al-Zawa’id” book as well.


Dear master! One of viewers said that it was said on Wahhabism channel by Mr.”Mullazadeh” that: “all the narratives related to pilgrimaging graves are fake and invalid”.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

I don’t know what to do with this guy. I ask god to guide him. He’s amongst those that god says about them:

(خَتَمَ اللَّهُ عَلی قُلُوبِهِمْ وَ عَلی سَمْعِهِمْ وَ عَلی أَبْصارِهِمْ غِشاوَةٌ وَ لَهُمْ عَذابٌ عَظِیمٌ)

Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and for them is a great punishment.

Sura Al-Baqara- verse 7

This guy says: “pilgrimaging graves is “Bida’h” {innovation in religion} and “Haram” and we have no narrative about it.”

To show that he’s lying I just say several issues. It’s written in “fiqh encyclopedia” book known as “Kuwaitiya encyclopedia”, vol. 24, p 89:

«ذَهَبَ جُمْهُورُ الْعُلَمَاءِ إِلَی أَنَّهُ یجُوزُ شَدُّ الرَّحْل لِزِیارَةِ الْقُبُورِ» «لِعُمُومِ الأَدِلَّةِ، وَخُصُوصًا قُبُورُ الأَنْبِیاءِ وَالصَّالِحِینَ»


Most of Sunni scholars believe pilgrimage graves is fine, we have general reasons that encourage us pilgrimaging graves, particularly righteous people and prophets’ graves.

And it’s also written in “Al-fiqh ala Mazahib al-arba’a” that all Sunni scholars believe that pilgrimaging graves is fine. Those who pilgrimage Prophet [PBUH]’s grave, say:

«السلام علیک یا رسول الله»

Some even go to pilgrimage the grave of “Abu-Bakr” and say:

«السلام علیک یا خلیفة رسول الله، السلام علیک یا صاحب رسول الله فی الغار»

And then they go to Umar’s grave and say:

«السلام علیک یا أمیر المؤمنین، السلام علیک یا مظهر الإسلام، السلام علیک یا مکسر الأصنام»

“Al-Fiqh ala al-Mazahib al-arba’a”- vol. 1, p 641

All these issues are quite clear and there is no doubt about them. And “Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi” who is amongst “Hanbali” well-known scholars and Wahhabis accept him either, discusses the matter of pilgrimaging Prophet [PBUH] in “Al-Mughni” book, vol. 1, p 466.

It’s been quoted from “Abdullah ibn Umar” that Prophet [PBUH] says:

«من زار قبری وجبت له شفاعتی»

I don’t know where these guys have brought such issues! As Mr.”Salehi Shami” says, may god punish “Ibn Taymiyyah” severely who established the pillars of blasphemy and separating Muslims from prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and “Ahl al-Bayt” [AS].

“Ibn Hajar Asqalani” says: “Ibn Khazimah” has written in his “Sahih” book and many such as: “Abd al-Haq” and “Taqi al-Din Sabki” have said that this narrative is authentic.

He quotes another narrative from prophet [PBUH] that:

«من جاءنی زائرا لا یهمّه إلَّا زیارتی کان حقّا علی الله سبحانه أن أکون له شفیعا»

Anyone who come to pilgrimage me, I’ll be their intercessor.

Mr.”Zain al-Din Iraqi” the master of “Ibn Hajar Asqalani” says:

«رواه الطبرانی و صححه ابن حسن»

In “Al-Ithaf” book, guys like “Abdul Haq” and “Sabki” have corrected this narrative. Is this one adequate?!

Mr.”Mulana Abdulhamid” says in “collection of Hajj virtues” book:

“It’s necessary for all to use this book properly and pilgrims shall carry this book with them.”

As prophet [PBUH] would deal with guys like: “Abu-Jahl” and “Abu Lahab”, nowadays, Muslims including Shia and Sunni deal with brainless “Khawarij”.

These guys always discuss some issues. One day they say: “why didn’t he read footnote?!”

When “Hakim Nishapuri” says about a narrative in footnote: “This person is amongst Sahaba and has been at the time Prophet [PBUH].” They claim that this narrative is not authentic!! When you talk about Sahaba like this, we can’t have any expectation from you.

“’Amir ibn Wasilah” is amongst the companions of Prophet [PBUH] but Wahhabis say that he’s not reliable {so he’s narratives are not accepted} because he has said narratives about commander of the faithful Ali [AS]’s virtues.

If it’s the criterion, many of Sunni elders and Imams aren’t reliable as well, what do we have to do with these guys?!


“Murtaza” {viewer} said that he said a narrative to Wahhabis from “Al-Kafi” book in which commander of the faithful Ali [AS] relied on Hadith “Al-Ghadir” for his caliphate but they had said that “Salim ibn Qais” {narrator} is anonymous and “Abraham Ibn Hashim” is not reliable.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

I don’t know if devils reveal to Wahhabi experts?! I don’t know what to do with these guys!!

He said in an interview: “all of Fuqaha’ { Faqīh (plural Fuqahā ') is an Islamic jurist, an expert in fiqh, or Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic Law} have rejected narrative said by “Abraham Ibn Hashim”. How is it that we haven’t seen a narrative in which “Abraham Ibn Hashim” has been rejected?!

Dear friends I announce that I’ll reward him if he tells us the name of one of Shia scholars who has rejected narratives quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim” and I won’t practice narratives of “Abraham Ibn Hashim”.

Mr.“Khoei” says about “Abraham Ibn Hashim”:

«أول من نشر حدیث الکوفیین بقم هو» «لا ینبغی الشک فی وثاقة إبراهیم بن هاشم»


“Abraham Ibn Hashim” was the first person who published Hadith “Kufiyyin” in “Qom” {city in Iran} and there is not any doubt in his reliability.

“Al-Seyed Khoei”- Mu’jam rejal al-Hadith- vol. 1, p 291

“Sayed Ibn Tawus“ says about a narrative that “Ali Ibn Abraham” is amongst it narrators:

«ورواة الحدیث ثقات بالاتفاق»

All of the Narrators of this Hadith are reliable.

“Al-Seyed Ibn Twus”- p 158

According to what he said “Musa Ibn Mutawakkil”, “Ali Ibn Abraham”, “Abraham Ibn Hashim” and “Ibn abi Umair” are all reliable. And there is also a narrative in “Ruwzah al-Muttaqin” book:

«(و علی) ثقة (و أبوه) ممدوح کالثقة باعتماد القمیین، بل غیرهم علی حدیثه»

“Abraham Ibn Hashim is reliable like his father. Amongst Fuqaha’ and elders, I didn’t see anyone who has rejected narrative quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim”.

“Muhamad Taqi Maslisi”- Rowzat al-Muttaqin, vol. 6, p 44

While this guy says: “All Fuqaha’ have rejected narrative quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim”. I don’t know where he’s gotten this issue. We should say to this guy don’t trust devils who reveal to you too much; because one day they’ll ruin your reputation!

And other big scholars have said that “Abraham Ibn Hashim” is reliable.”Allameh Majlisi” quotes a narrative and writes:

«عَلِی بْنِ إِبْرَاهِیمَ عَنْ أَبِیهِ»

And the he says:

«الحدیث الثامن: موثق حسن»

“Mir’at al-Uqul”- vol. 4, p 45

He say: “not of our Fuqaha’ practiced his narratives”; while “Shayk Mufid” says in one of his books about sacrificed animals by “Jews”, “Christians” and “Zoroastrians”:

“We have authentic narratives from our Imams in this regard”; then he says several narratives from “Abraham Ibn Hashim” and says: these issues are part of narratives that we have from Shia Imams [AS];

«ورد من الطرق الواضحة، بالأسانید المشهورة، و عن جماعة بمثلهم- فی الستر و الدیانة و الثقة»

And “Allameh Helli” says a narrative from “Abraham Ibn Hashim” and says:

«وهذا الحدیث وان کان جَید السّند»

“Allameh al-Helli”- Tahrir al-Ahkam- v 4, p 389

Late “Mahaqiq Ardabili” says:

«وسماها فی شرح الارشاد صحیحة»

Late Allameh has said in “Sharh al-Irshad” book written by “Shaykh Mufid” that narrative quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim” is authentic.

“Zubdat al-Bayan fi Ahkam al-Quran- p 146

Dear friends! These issues have been said by our Fuqaha’. And “Mohaqiq Bahrani” says in “Al-Hada’iq” book vol. 4, p 209:

«وهی - کما تری - صحیحة صریحة فی القول المشهور»

Many of our Fuqaha’ have practiced narratives quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim” and gave Fatwa based on them. Some guys have said that his narratives are “Hasan” {Narrative that all its narratives believe in twelve Shia Imams and have been praised in “Rejal” books but their justice hasn’t been restated} and some have said they are authentic.

I didn’t see that someone says that narratives quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim” shouldn’t be practiced and this is first time that we hear that a brainless guy says: “Shia Fuqaha’ don’t practice narratives quoted by “Abraham Ibn Hashim!!”

He {Wahhabi expert} also says that “Himad Ibn Isa” isn’t reliable.” While he’s one of guys that there is consensus amongst scholars that he is reliable. As for “Salim Ibn Qais”, I’ll explain later on.

And Mr.”Kahoe” says about a book from “Ibn Ghaza’iri”: “it’s not clear if this book belongs to him.”

And “Shaikh Aqa tehrani” says: “This book is from one of Shia enemies!! Shias’ enemies wanted to weaken Shia narratives {saying that they’re invalid} under the name of “Ibn Ghaza’iri”. They wrote the sayings of “Ibn Ghaza’iri” and then weakened Shias’ narratives.”

They say: “Ibn Ghaza’iri” has said such issues.” We said in “Al-Madkhal” book as well that ascribing this book to “Ibn Ghaza’iri” is suspicious and it’s not clear at all if this book belongs to him!!

“Shaykh Aqa Tehrani”: “one of Shia enemies named “Ibn Ghaza’iri” has written this book.”

“Ibn Ghaza’iri” is the master of “Najashi”. How is that possible that “Ibn Ghaza’iri” the master of “Najashi” has a “Rejal” book and this disciple who is specialist in “Rejal” science doesn’t know about it?!



Mr.”Musawi” mentioned to this point that in one his programs, Mr.”Hashimi” {Wahhabi expert} said that you read an issue in the footnote that one of Sahaba whose name was written in footnote has been said that he’s not reliable but you didn’t pay attention to this point and didn’t say that he not reliable.

Ayatollah “Qazwini”:

Even In that night good response was given to this claim. Mr.”Hakim Nushapuri” has said that Mr.”Abi Mina” has lived at the time prophet [PBUH].

And “ibn Hajar” says in “Al-Isabat” book: “Hakim Nishapuri” has said that this person is amongst Sahaba.”, on the other hand “Abi Mina” is one of narrators of “Sahhih Bukhari” book, you don’t know yet that when you say he’s not reliable you’re in fact saying that one of the narrators of “Sahih Bukhari” is not reliable.

There are many things to say in this regard but since we don’t have time I’ll talk about in the next session.

I said that it’s written in footnote that “Shua’ib al-Arnuot” says: “This narrative is invalid”, but another researcher says: “This narrative is authentic”, which one of them would I read?! If I read this narrative they say why you didn’t read another narrative and if I read that narrative they say why you didn’t read this one!!


These guys’ sayings are in contradictory. Thank you for watching us. Good night.


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