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Did Goblins come to help Imam Husain? (Peace be upon him)
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Did Goblins come to help Imam Husain? (Peace be upon him)

Question: Did Goblins come for helping Imam Husain (peace be upon him) that even today in some funerals and Imitation they are remembered?

Answer: There is disagreement about the coming of goblins to help Imam Husain in Karbala; but in some sources, there is evidence for this claim:

Then groups of jinn who were Muslims went to Imam Hussein and said: our lord, we are your Shia and your supporters, tell us whatever you want and whatever order you have! If you give us the order to kill your enemy right in this place and we are enough for you to do this. Imam Husain (peace be upon him) gave them blessed them and said: haven’t  u studied the Quran which has been sent down by God to my Grandfather which says: death will catch you even if you are inside tall and strong skyscrapers. And also says: absolutely the people that a kill has been written for them will do their death (shahadat) place. If I stay in my place then how this people are tested and who will live in my tomb that is in Karbala? This is why that God has chosen that tomb for me when the earth expands and it is a safe place for our Shias both in this word and in Hereafter. You come to me on Saturday which Is Ashura(Tenth day)and I will be assassinated at the end of that day. On that day, none of the men of Ahl al-Bayt and my brothers will remain. On that, my head will be sent to Yazid. Groups of Goblin answered him:  O beloved of God and son of beloved of God, if obedience to your command was not obligatory and it was allowed to reject and disobey your commands we swear to God to destroy all your Enemies before they get close to you; Imam Husain(peace be upon him) said: I swear to God that we are more dominant to them to rather than you. But everyone who is disbeliever is Perished with Clear reasons and one who is believer will be alive with reasons

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