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Imam “Kazim” [A.S] in the perspective of Sunni scholars
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Imam “Kazim” [A.S] in the perspective of Sunni scholars

“Ahmad bin Yususf Gharmani” writes:

هو الامام الكبير القدر، الأوحد، الحجة، الساهر ليله قائما، القاطع نهاره صائما، المسمي لفرط حلمه وتجاوزه عن المعتدين کاظما. هوالمعروف عند أهل العراق بباب الحوائج، لأنه ما خاب المتوسل به في قضاء حجاة قط

He was dignified and unique imam, he’d worship at nights and during days he’d fast was decisive, due to his great tolerance and forgiving those who had oppressed him, he was named “Kazim”. And amongst people of “Iraq”, he had reputation of “Door of needs” because anyone who’d resort to him fulfilling their needs would reach them.

Akhbar al-Duwal wa Athar al-Owal fi al-Tarikh – vol. 1, p 337

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