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What Wahhabism and Judaism have in common
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What Wahhabism and Judaism have in common

Dear friends. We are intended to make a comparison between similar points of Selfiye Wahhabism and Judaism according to the writings of Ibn Taymiyyah al-Bahrani.

1.     Ibn Taymiyyah, Selfiyeh Sheikh has said that in the time of Rasoul-allah (Pbuh) Judaism khakhams visited him and presented their theory of God’s incarnation, and Prophet confirmed their theory! This is a common point of Judaism and Wahhabism about incarnating God the Great!

2.     Ibn Teymiye approves Torah and authentic reference for (Muslims) except this phrase that “Ozayr is son of God”, Jews also believe in Torah and its authenticity for all people!

3.     Ibn Taymiyyah defends Jews with courage and says: “not all Jews believe that Ozair is son of God”! He hardly attempted to prove that homogamy is not unlawful! So it’s an obligation for Jews to thank Ibn Taymiyyah! Since they are his heir!

4.     For Ibn Teymiye, Jews are not practitioner of lie and falsification at all, if they were Rasoul-Allah would deny them! So all the statements of their leaders and figures is correct except Fanhas ibn Azoura or others…

5.     According to Wahhabism—the principles in Quran and Narrations are congruent and correspondent to Torah! It’s crystal clear that Ibn Taymiyyah has exaggerated in being “congruent and correspondent” and every wise man would know it.

6.     They believe in God’s carnation as well as Jews and believe that this commonality denotes the unity of two divine prophets, Moses and Muhammad (Pbuh) and the two holy books Torah and Quran; otherwise, rupture and discontinuity would happen in divine prophecy.

7.     Judaism and Wahhabism both believe that prophets were also statues!!

8.     Wahhabism exonerates Jews from distortion of Torah, saying that why Jews which are very populated and popular in the west and east, be intended to lie? This is a clear falsification of Wahhabism in favor of Jews, and shows the mendacity of their words! To perceive it better, we present you a part of Ibn Taymiyya’s book, page88 (about the contraction of reason and speech) here:

9.     Certainly not all of the Jews believe that Ozayr is son of God, and this sentence was produced by one group of them such as Fanhas ibn Azoura and… and totally very few people believe it. There are attributes of God in Torah which are interpreted by opponents as God’s incarnations attributes, but there is not such a thing; those attributes are to prove god has a place and talks to human with his own voice, statements such as he created man like himself and other examples are true, if they were lies our prophet would certainly reject them and explain about them! On the other hand, the statements in Quran are correspondent to the statements of Torah! And we said before this matter does not essentially lead to Moses discipleship of Muhammad or Muhammad from them, but it connotes the truthfulness of the two prophets and their two holy books!”

Source: Ansar net

Translation in farsi: Salam Shi’a

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