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1 What do WAHABIS say about imam MAHDI?
2 Is Wahhabism nearing its end?
3 The Wahabis - A brief history
4 Wahhabis and The Renovation of Graves of Awliya Allah
5 Whom does the Wahhabi serve?
6 Sources of Wahhabi Thought
7 The Wahhabi doctrine on the Prophet Companions
8 The Wahhabi and the Khawarij
9 Origins of Wahhabi Thought
10 The Wahhabi Bid
11 Confessions of a British spy and British Enmity against Islam
12 He who demolishes the Prophet`s tomb shall enter the Heaven, Ibn Jabirin guarantees,
13 God is perceptible to the eye in dream!!!
14 Wahhabis hate the word Wisdom!
15 Women are prohibited to work in women`s Clothing Stores!
16 Women are permitted to have more than one husband!
17 Women are not permitted to work as saleswoman!
18 Why didn`t Abu-Bakr obey the Prophet to choose a successor?
19 Wahhabis new Fatwa: Do Not Fast during a Power Outage!
20 Wahhabi mufti: plucking Eyebrows is Haraam!
21 Wahhabi Mufti: Arbaeen and Fateha are heresies!
22 The religious Wahhabi to his own wife: Feed my friend with your milk, otherwise I`ll divorce you!
23 The legend of consensus on allegiance to Abu-Bakr
24 Siesta is Haraam!
25 Seven special Fatwas by the most prominent figures of Wahhabism!
26 Seeing one`s fiancée’s face through the internet is Haraam!
27 Saying prayer in Prophet`s Heritage Mosque is Haraam!
28 Salman Al-Oudeh, the prominent figure of Wahhabism: I enjoyed visiting Prophet`s shrine!
29 Saffron is one of the drugs!! Its usage is Haraam!!
30 Righteous Sahabeh ( Rovaishid Al-Saqafi)..., but either drinking or selling alcohol !!
31 Prophet`s Holy Sepulcher manipulated by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia
32 Presence of a young girl with her father in an unpopulated place is Haraam!
33 Omer threats Sahaba to death!
34 Mickey Mouse and Jerry: Devil`s Soldiers!
35 Kissing one`s wife nullifies ablution (Wudu)!
36 Imam of Hanbalis Resorts to Imam Musa Ibn Jafar
37 Having a bodyguard is Haraam for women!
38 Gaining Weight Is Haraam for Haaji!
39 Firefighters can break their fast at noon!
40 Everyone who dies of Swine Flu is a Martyr!
41 Eating Samosa is Haraam!
42 Eating Devil`s and Jinns` meat is Halaal!
43 Whether Rashedin Caliphs are successors of Prophet Muhammed or not?
44 Deliberate and lustful masturbation in Ramadan is alright!
45 Any Muslim who Dies from AIDS Is a Martyr!
46 Another Fatwa by Wahhabis: Serving Different Dishes at Once Is Haraam!
47 All Prophets Had Successors, But…!
48 Ali considers Abu-Bakr and Omer as Traitors!
49 Al-Azhar: Surfing Face-Book Is a Haram Action!
50 A Wahhabi Sheikh Tells His Story about Praying on a Woman`s Breast!

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