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Wahhabi Mufti: kill your colleagues who do not say their prayers!
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Wahhabi Mufti: kill your colleagues who do not say their prayers!

In response to the question about those who do not say their prayers and other’s duty toward them, an Arabian Wahhabi Mufti said that this people should be rejected and if they didn’t repent, killing them is a must.

In the recent set of Fatwa issued by Arabian Wahhabi Muftis, killing those who do not say their prayers and do not repent from their behavior has been announced as obligatory.

Al-Arabia news agency wrote: recently a fatwa by sheikh Saleh al-Fouzan about the obligation of killing colleagues, who don’t say their prayers hit the internet and social websites.

Al-Arabia adds: this fatwa was released first in YouTube website in December 2009, in response to a question about how to behave with employees who don’t say their prayers; but Sheikh’s followers has spread his Fatwa once again all over the internet.

This Mufti is a member of the supreme council of Arabia’s Olama, has responded to this fatwa: anyone who doesn’t say his prayers is not a Muslim, according to the narration which says the borderline between faith and blasphemy is saying Prayers (Salat). Evidences from tradition and Book denote the blasphemy of those who don’t say their prayers.

This Mufti said about our behavior toward such people: “you must reject him. If he didn’t repent and didn’t say his prayers again, killing him is an obligation upon you…he must repent, if he didn’t and quitted Prayers, he’d be killed…employing such people is completely wrong from the basis, because disbelievers don’t have the right to lead Muslim, or in this case they would become a model for others.

Sheikh Saleh ibn Fouzan ibn Abdullah al-Fouzan was born in 28th September, 1935. He is a member of supreme council of Arabian Olama and also a member of jurisprudence association of Mecca, a member of supervisor committee of Hajj preachers, member of permanent committee of scientific research and Istefta as well as a lecturer and teacher in Jame mosque of Shahzade Mutab ibn Abdul-Aziz Ale-Sapud in al-Melz.

Earlier, sheikh abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, an Arabian Mufti, wished death for women who drive cars and announced this action unlawful for Arabian women.


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