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Strange Wahhabi fatwa about watching football games
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Strange Wahhabi fatwa about watching football games

Prominent wahhabi muftis have contributed strange and surprising fatwas and comments about watching football games by women. Here are some examples:

Is it allowed to watch football games?

Football games which are broadcasted from TV channels have several problems: the first—if we don’t say all of them—most of them are a kind of gambling and bet; moreover they expose Ourat, cause mixture of women and men, dis play songs and music which all waste the time without any result, and prevent wise men from doing what is good for their religion and life. Thus, it is not proper for Muslim men and women to amuse themselves with watching football games. They should entertain themselves with good deeds for their two worlds (Dunya and Akherat). The Fatwa of permanent committee

What is the law for watching sport matches like Fifa World Cup football games?

Football games which are based on money and other prizes are gambling and forbidden. Because demanding money for return is not allowed, unless for acts which Islam has allowed us; like horse-riding and camel-riding and shooting matches. So, presence in such competitions and watching them is forbidden, also for those who know the nature of these competitions are based on taking return. Presence would mean to acknowledge and to accept. But if the competition is not based on returning money and doesn’t prevent people from doing their obligatory tasks like Prayer (Salat) and have not other problems like exposure of Ourat, or mixture of men and women or displaying music and dance; it is allowed to be watched.

The Fatwa of permanent Committee

What is the law for watching games for entertainment by women?

It is not allowed to be watched, because most of the players are men and usually don’t wear enough clothes to be covered and parts of hips is visible and genitals are visible from behind. This condition seduces women and if somebody needs entertainment s/he can refer to God’s remembrance and Quran and hadith books and Fiqh and Law rules.

Sheikh ibn Jabrin

What is the law for watching football games which are on TV channels?

In my idea, the law for watching games in TV and other things is that they waste the useful time of people and wise men never waste their time with things which are not of any use to him. If they don’t harm in this way, they would do harm in another way. For example the viewer feels respectful and admiring to the disbeliever football player. This is undoubtedly forbidden and not right. It is not allowed to respect disbelievers despite of their progress. And in this games the thighs of young men is visible and this is seductive. So It is better that we don’t allow the youth to expose their thighs and hip while playing football. This is seductive. While others may say: hips are not Ourat, I emphasize it’s not right or good to expose them. But if it is ourat as known by Imam Ahmad Hanbal, the verdict is obvious: It’s not allowed in any circumstances and I advice my brothers to heed their time because time is more worthy than money

Sheikh ibn Asimin

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