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Wahhabis new Fatwa: Do Not Fast during a Power Outage!
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Wahhabis new Fatwa: Do Not Fast during a Power Outage!

The consultant of Saudi Court announced in a new Fatwa: people who inhabit in areas with frequent power outage are not required to fast.

Sheikh AbdulMohsen Abykan, a Wahhabi Mufti and a senior official of Justice Ministry of Saudi Arabia, issued a new fatwa and declared it alright for people living in areas with frequent power outage not to fast. This fatwa was published in Saudi newspaper Al-Qalij.

In an attempt to justify his fatwa, he said because of the climatic circumstances and the high temperature of weather in these areas, fasting is very difficult for people who live there.

Abykan did not explain whether early Muslims could also ignore this God-assigned duty only because it was a hard job or not.


It is worth mentioning that last week inhabitants of Hael and Al-qasim regions, where the power outage is common, had requested Abykan for an answer about the necessity of fasting.


It is also good to know that this Wahhabi mufti had formerly announced the victims of Swine Flu are martyrs.

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