Thursday 23 February 2017

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1 The Overview to the position of hadrat “ma’sumah” [AS]
2 Imam Reza [AS] in the insight of Sunni
3 The foreknowledge of Imam “Reza” [AS]
4 The Summery of the life of “Ayesha”.
5 Searching about the lie of “ Ibn taimiyyah” about Shiites “iftar”
6 Commander of faithful [AS] and accepting the government.
7 The summery of the life of lady “Khadija” [PBUH], the mother of faithful
8 The implication of the thirtieth verse of surah “AL-BAQARA” on the existence of god’s caliph and proof on the earth till resurrection day.
9 The legitimacy of cursing and insulting in Sunnis` viewpoint
10 Forty questions about the Caliphate and Imamate
11 Rebuilding the Graves
12 Rebulding the graves - part 2
13 The insults of Ibn Taymiyyah to the family of the prophet (peace be upon him and his family)
14 Intercession and Imploration
15 The Successiveness of Hadith Ghadir from the view point of Sunni scholars
16 Analyzing the Traditions of Ibn Abi Sheibe and Omar` threats to set the house of Fatima (AS) on fire
17 A review on the verse«محمد رسول الله...»  and the exoneration of the Caliphs from attacking on the house of Hazrat  Zahra
18 Wearing Black in the Shia Culture
19 A Comparative Study of Hadith of “Return of the Sun”
20 Companions in Sunni Sihah Sete
21 The house of revelation under the whips of attack
22 Abdullah Ibn Ummar supplicated to the Messenger of God (S.A) after his demise
23 Imam Ali’s Shrine Throughout History
24 The Study of The Doubts Cast  on the 92ND Sermon of Nahj Al-Balaaqeh
25 An investigation into the document of the tradition “«عليٌ ولي کل مؤمن بعدي» from Sunni viewpoint
26 A Comparative Study of Hadith of “Return of the Sun”

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