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Is this narrative: “إمامان عادلان قاسطان” quoted by Imam “Sadeq” [AS] true about “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”?
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Is this narrative: “إمامان عادلان قاسطان” quoted by Imam “Sadeq” [AS] true about “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”?


Is this narrative: “إمامان عادلان قاسطانquoted by Imam “Sadeq” [AS] true about “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”?

و جاء عن الإمام السادس جعفر الصادق (ع) انه سئل عن أبي بكر وعمر رضي الله عنهما ففي الخبر " ان رجلاً سأل الإمام الصادق (ع) ، فقال : يا ابن رسول الله ! ما تقول في حق أبي بكر و عمر ؟ فقال (ع) : إمامان عادلان قاسطان ، كانا علي الحق ، وماتا عليه ، فعليهما رحمة الله يوم القيامة "

Someone asked Imam “Sadeq” [AS]: what’s your opinion about “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr”? Imam said: they were two righteous and right Imams and died in this way.

Shoushtari, Ehqaq Al-Haqq, v 1, p 16


1: this narrative has been quoted in some books, such as:

Al-Serat Al-Mustaqim, “Ali ibn Yonus Al-Ameli” v 3, p 73,

The exegete of Ehqaq Al-Haqq, “seyed Mara’shi” v 1, p 69-70

Al-savarim Muhraqah, “Nurullah Al-shustari, p 155

This narrative doesn’t have any document and we can’t rely on it.

We believe that these narratives aren’t valid and made by “Umayyad” dynasty who wanted to show Shiite Imams two-faces.

2: first of the narrative hasn’t been said, because in the quoted resource [Ehqaq Al-Haqq: 1/69], the beginning of Hadith is as follow:

روي أنّه سأل رجل من المخالفين عن الإمام الصادق(ع) وقال:...

Author has deleted this sentence رجل من المخالفی Why? The reason is clear: because the wordمخالف [dissident] in here, is a “Hadith term”, it means: Sunni.

3: author hasn’t quoted rest of the narrative as well: it’s as follow:

فلمّا انصرف الناس قال له رجل من خاصّته: يا ابن رسول اللّه (ص) لقد تعجّبت ممّا قلت في حقّ أبي بكر وعمر، فقال: نعم، هما إماما أهل النار، كما قال اللّه سبحانه ـ

They Imams, but the Imams and leaders of people in the Hell, god says:

و جعلناهم أئمّة يدعون إلي النار        [ AL-QASAS, 41]   

My meaning of: “قاسطان”, was the exegete of this verse:

و أمّا القاسطون فكانوا لجهنّم حطبا    [AL-JIIN, 15]    

And if said: “the righteous” it’s because “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr” opposed the ”Right”, and in fact it’s the exegete of this verse:

ثمّ الذین كفروا بربّهم يعدلون [AL-ANAAM, 1]   

And my meaning of: “كانا علي الحقis that they oppose the “Right” and uprising against it. “Right” means: commander of faithful [AS]

And the meaning of:” كانا علي الحق، وماتا عليهis that “Umar” and “Abu-Bakr” were against the “Right”,

فعليهما رحمة اللّه ،

So god’s grace [prophet Muhammad] is against them.

فإنّه كان رحمة للعالمين .

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