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What do you say when you enter Jamkaran Mosque?
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What do you say when you enter Jamkaran Mosque?

Ehsan Ali Khani

What do you say when you enter Jamkaran Mosque?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

When I come here, I really remember the person, the successor of Imam Ali (AS), is in our time. Indeed, if Imam Ali (AS) and Hasanein (PBUH) were not at the time of the Prophet (PBUH), he would definitely be the successor. I remember that Jesus (PBUH) will say prayers behind him. If we scrutinize the matter of the twelver or Imamate in Wahhabis and Sunnite books, we see that Imam Ali, the 1st Imam, (AS) can be the successor of the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (AS) and vice versa. And all the infallible Imams (AS) can be the successor of each other because they are all real caliphs and executors (Ousiya) of the Prophet (PBUH).The issue of the Caliphate of four caliphs is an Umayyad matter and nothing to do with the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnite. The Prophet said that after my death these twelve caliphs are the successors not the four ones. (156)

Ehsan Ali Khani

After reading this book, what did you do when you got all your articles, lectures, sermons, and materials on the Internet against a self-conceited one were wrong?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

 Nothing will really compensate for the oppression of Imam Ali (As). The compensation for the oppression of the first Muslim after the Prophet (PBUH) is hard. Indeed, one of the pillars of the Prophet’s mission was to introduce Imam Ali personality and cruelty to him is not compensable. Really, in my prayers, I want to make up for the oppressed Imam. I beg the 12th Imam, the successor (AS) of the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS), to ask for Allah’s blessing on me. If my guilt is compensable, I must apologize to Imam Mahdi for that.

Ehsan Ali Khani

How do you want to compensate?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

Although this cannot be completely compensated, I do my best to write books and lecture to make Imam known to all the Wahhabis and Sunnis for compensating and forgiving my sins.

Of course, I have decided to follow the examples of the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS). I try to use the Prophet’s method to introduce Hazrat Ali (AS) and present that to the Wahhabis and Sunnis. The method of the Prophet (PBUH) in defining the Imam’s personality was very effective for the Wahhabis and Sunnis. I love the way the Prophet (PBUH) used to introduce the personality of Hazrat Ali (AS). My love towards Imam Ali (PBUH) is due to the Prophet’s way of introducing.

Ehsan Ali Khani

Why?  Are there any differences between the Prophet’s way of introducing and

other methods?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

I really think the Prophet’s way of introducing the personality of Imam Ali (AS) is the best one of all scholars and personalities or those who love Imam Ali (AS) because I am sure that the Prophet (PBUH) deeply loves Imam Ali (AS). And this deep love caused the Prophet (PBUH) to ask Allah for his successor, Imam Ali. (313)

Imagine the one being on his deathbed at the last moment of his life and asking for some paper and a quill pen to write about some one’s virtues. This scene displays the great scene of love of two ones throughout the history. That is, The Prophet   (PBUH) wanted to write about the last virtue of Hazrat Ali (AS). This scene means the Prophet (PBUH) loves Imam to the bits. It concerns the Prophet that he wants to write the last virtue of Ali (AS). This scene is the most important scene on which the Prophet’s way in introducing Imam Ali (AS) was shown.

In fact, the director was the Prophet (PBUH), the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to show his love towards Imam Ali (AS) to the viewers of the film on that Thursday.  It was one of the Prophet’s methods to define his lover. The Prophet’s way absorbed us and begged my question. Why did the Prophet (PBUH) on the deathbed say Saqlein Hadith about the virtue of his lover at the last moments of his life in the world? Is Imam Ali (AS) worth its weight in Qur’an? The Prophet said that “I was recalled for my spiritual journey to the other world, though. So I complied. I leave among you two precious things: the Book of Allah and my household, Etrat, so look good.”

I really came to the conclusion that, the Prophet (PBUH) was one of all-time greats of the history. He said: I was recalled for my spiritual journey to the other world, though. Before the Saqlein Hadith, he said farewell to his nation. I am going to die soon, so certainly do follow the Saqlein Hadith. It means you must know Imam Ali (AS) before me. Why did the Prophet (PBUH) mention introducing Imam Ali (AS) through the Saqlein Hadith at the last moments of his life?     (298)

The great Prophet (PBUH) of Islam wanted to tell humanity that the Saqlein Hadith was on Ali (AS), and this Hadith was like a CD-ROM which contained all the mentioned materials about Ali’s dignity.

All the Wahhabis and Sunnis agree that the Prophet (PBUH) on the deathbed said about Saqlein Hadith at the last moment of his death. The Sunnis’ Imam, Ibn Hajar Haitham, said in the book of Al Savaeq Al Harqah, “when the Prophet (PBUH) on the deathbed, saying the Saqlein Hadith to all the companions.” That is, the last speech of the Prophet (PBUH) was Saqlein Hadith before shahadatein (declaration of faith).Imam Ibn Taymiyya Damascusi, the Wahhabis leader, said, “The Imam of the household was Ali and the leader of the household was Ali.”

Ehsan Ali Khani

Do you know someone more much loving and braver than Amir (AS) sleeping for the Prophet (PBUH) to sacrifice himself? Who could fight with Amir (AS) in the war of Uhud, Hunayn, and others?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

I thought one of the ways of the Prophet (PBUH) in the definition of Imam Ali (AS) was the use of the critical points in the history of Islam. All the major actions that happened at the time of the Prophet (PBUH), provided the situations that the Prophet (PBUH) could prove this affair, the theme of Saqlein Hadith, that is, Imam Ali (AS) is worth its weight in Qur’an, the introduction of Imam in different ways.  (221)

 In fact, the stream of Imam Ali’s sleeping in the Prophet’s bed was one of the most important affairs that the Prophet (PBUH) wanted Ali (AS) to be introduced. As a result, the Prophet (PBUH) used various methods to define the status of Allah’s book, and many methods to introduce Ali (AS), since the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Ali (AS) is worth its weight in Qur’an.”

تركت فيكم الثقلين: كتاب الله و اهل بيتي.علي مع القرآن و القرآن مع علي.


I leave among you two precious things: the Book of Allah and my household, Etrat. Ali (AS) is along with Qur’an and Qur’an is along with Ali (AS).

In the Prophet’s Sunnite, you can see this frequency, insistence and emphasis on explaining Amir’s dignity. You can see scholars’ and jurists’ statements about Ali’s dignity over and over. It was so astonishing to see the Prophet’s magnificence, emphasis and insistence on Imam’s stand. Since my major was The Prophet’s Hadiths at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University, I scrutinize the Prophet’s hadiths on Imam Ali’s glory and dignity in Sunnis and Wahhabis books. On the basis of this count I did and the number and variety of hadiths on Imam Ali (AS) the Prophet had told was the main reason for Shias’ affection and love to Imam Ali (AS).  

 Studying The Prophet’s Hadiths in Saudi Arabia, I always encountered Shia figures of hadith narrators in Tarajome Raviyan (Narrative Interpretations). When I read the biography of Shia narrators, I got surprised how Imam Ali (AS) has dominated their hearts. These Shia narrators were so oppressed that all the Islamic community was against them and they were expelled from the society.

The majority of the people were moving like a continuous flow on one side and the oppressed minority was these Shia narrators on the other side withstood the continuous flow, that is, Shia men and narrators were opposite to the massive flow of the society. The community with all its facilities, the government and its organizations, the great Umayyad Empire was a world and international power, but      a minority of friends and lovers of Ahlul Bayt (AS), the Shiites, have stood up to the world powers. The figures like Muhammad Ibn Muslim Thaqafi and Zorare Ibn A’ayon were the great Shias of Imam Ali (AS). Actually, these a few numbers of people were against a community and a great government, Umayyad.

Imagine you 're in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 70 million are animosity towards Imam Ali (AS), Allah forbid, but only 10 people are Shia standing up to this great community. In fact, this surprised me. What is this deep love of the Shia men and narrators to Ali (AS) for? (416)

Study the Shiite previous narrators’ biography like Zorare Ibn A’ayon in Sunni and Wahhabi books. Zorare Ibn A’ayon’s collecting the hadiths of Imam Ali (AS) was equal to his hanging and killing by narrating one hadith of Imam. One of the famous Sunni figures states that “Zorare Ibn A’ayon had been seen in the streets of Kufa and he loved Imam heart and soul and collected Imam’s hadiths while his neighbors were throwing stones at him.”

The scene was like a movie for me, but after knowing the Prophet (PBUH)’s way in introducing Imam Ali 's (AS), I perceived the reason of Zorare Ibn A’ayon’s love and Shias’ love towards Imam Ali (AS). It did not surprise me anymore since everyone contemplating the Prophet (PBUH)’s hadiths on Ali (AS) would fall in love with Imam Ali (AS).

Ehsan Ali Khani

Where has Wahhabi sect been originated?

Dr. Issam Al Emad

One of the biggest of Islam in Egypt named Imam Muhammad Abu Zahreh has written a book called The History of Islamic sects and said in the book: “Unfortunately, the colonization did two things; it has established a sect like Baha’ism or fostered an Islamic sect.”

When colonialism sees an Islamic sect believing in perishing other Muslims, he will reinforce that sect to perish and kill the Muslims.

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