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Rejal Section
A) The identity of narrator:
in this part has been stablished a file for all of narrators who are in document of these books: "Arba`a (quadruple) books", "vasayel a`shia" and "mostadrak alvasayel". researching as follows:

A: "narrator identity" which includes name, nickname, title, correspondingly, residence, birthday, death, class and religion of the narrator.

B: "narrators synonyms " that contains all the titles that narrators of hadith has been discussed with those titles in document, it may be some with more than 20 different titles in  hadiths document and rejal(narrators) books.
C: "narrator positon", including of summary of rejal scholars statements about credit and non-credit narrators
D: "narrator Companionship" is about narrators who live in which imam age and narrate from which imam?
E:"description sources", including the address and the titles of narrative and rejal books. we have researched about mistakes that have occurred in Penmanship of narrators name.
B) Al`tas`hif (including of writing error and print error about the name of narrators)
this part is about Tas`hif  that occurred in Arba`a (quadruple) books
At first has been collected all texts in scholars books such as: "Montaqa al`jomman" and "Moshtarakat" and "rouza al`motagin" and "Al`mousua al`rejalia" and "moujam Al`rejal Al`hadith" Respectively for "saheb ma`alem" and "kazemi" and "majlesi" and "boroujerdi" and "qouii"

then has been registered items that were hidden for those scholars

then has been added to their Statements, other text. then has been done critic about that.

this part has special importance because it may that occur falsification or Distortion in document causes that faqih (scholar) counts a narration "correct" but that narration is incorrect infact

for example in document of hadith: "3 span in 3 span" it is about amount of "kor water": amount of water that In dealing with impure doesn`t unclean.

in this hadith "Abdollah ibn `e sanan" is Distortion and "mohammad ibn `e sanan" is correct. so we know that "Abdollah" is a strong narrator in hadith and "mohammad" is a weak narrator in hadith.

then this narratian was said "sahih" or "correct" from "sheykh toosi" age to "moqaddas ardebili" age.

but has been said "zaif" or "weak" after tablying this problem by writer of "montaqa al`jomman" book
Ayatollah moumen after visiting the institue said: "this part enters the howzah. it can transform it".

C) recording the narrators name:  
in this part has been recorded the narrators names or the narrators epithets who are exist in hadith documents or rejal books.

for example: "darraj" who is one of the hadith narrators. and we can recognise his correct name (darraj not dorraj) after identifying and determination of common narrators name.

D) Common names:

in this part has been discussed about absolute names (names without epithet or nickname that could identified)

that identified by their teachers and students in other documents.

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