Sunday 17 February 2019
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Hadith Section
In this part, shi`a narrative books and a`immah (imams) hadiths have been researched. come down:
1 - determination of imam who narrated an hadith. it includes his name, or a nickname, such as Abu al-Hasan, Abu Jaafar, or just allusion like "almazi" (who pasted) and "alalem" (scholar) and "alrajol" (the man). or in form of pronoun.
2 - separation of hadith of Imams and prophets and angels (as) is quoted.
3 - separation of sacred and non-sacred hadith.
4 - Separation of hadith and tradition.
5 -seperation of hadiths called: majhool (an hadith with unknown narrators), morsal (one or more narrators aren`t exist in
hadith document),mozmar(immam`s name is to form of pronoun in hadith), maqtoua(immam`s name is not exist) and marfoua(hadith narrators aren`t exist and first narrator boosts the document with saying: "رفعه")
6 - to determination the beginning and end of the hadith.
7 - Determination of hadiths that answered the questions. these questions haven`t a concept lonely,:"no problem", "yes" or "no"  and Determination of their relation to the question. It should be noted that all these cases have been identified in the book with a special password.
The ultimate goal:The main purpose of this work is as follows:
1 -compilation the book "hadith encyclopedia" that starts alphabetically.  
2 - Compiling of each of masooms(who is away from sin and fault) encyclopedia by collecting all of hadiths that imam narrated it himself or from  previous imam. all kinds of hadiths such as moral, historical, interpretive, beliefs and ahkam will separate.
3 - writing encyclopedia of great prophets and the angels, peace be upon them
4 - Compiling marfoua and maqtoua hadiths that imam`s name has not been determined in it.
5 - presentation of software as "masooms encyclopedia" which contains all the hadiths of the masoom Imams (AS) with a variety of verbal and thematic searches.

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