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Biography of Dr Hosseini Qazvini


Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Qazvini the son of Seyed Soleiman, borned in 1331 in the Qazvin city, and before the end of high school, in 1345 entered the Abrahymyah seminary , and then Sardaran of Qazvin, where he finished Preparations during two years and in 1347 he came to qom Seminary to study , and in 1356 he finished "sath" lessons(advanced period), so he participated in scholars lessons, as follow:

1 - Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani.
2 - Ayatollah Araki.
3 - Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani.
4 - Grand Ayatollah Shabbir Zanjan.hh
5 - Ayatollah Sobhani.

And in 1368 he got Ijtihad
Permission from some of grand scholars of qom howza(grand seminary).
He got Level IV (PhD) from
Management Center of qom howza


And received a doctorate in tradition science of Islamic University (Alharrah) in Netherlands.(image)(University of Al-Hurra Netherlands)


Also he got professora degree from International civilization open university.


The favorite master of qom howza in 1389 (image)
He was the Face-lastingand and honorable face of Qazvin in 1392 (
He got
Certificates of appreciation and Lineament of Cultural-artistic Festival of imam reza (AS) (
* Teaching "Mullah Abdullah hashia", Ma,alim al,usoul and Lom,atayn
* Teaching of howza Higher level lessons include Kefaye al usoul and for a period of Rasa,el and Makasib
* 20 years teaching of "Rejal" and "Derayah".
* Teaching of Fiqh (comparative jurisprudence ) from 1385.
* Teaching of shia identify various periods in Islamic Sciences global center, global majma,a of Ahl_Al_Abait and Specialized Center of judgment and religious and Kalam and some of our universities

Responding to doubts, debates and visits:
* Respond to the newest Wahhabism doubts since 1380 weekly on Thursday at feizia school of holy Qom
* Respond to questions of Wahhabism on Thursday every other week in the holy city of Mashhad Ferdowsi University and Seminary.

Forming the imamate and velayat camps to familiarize honored teachers and clerics of Sunni provinces with the answers to the Wahhabi doubts. like (Bushehr, Sistan and Baluchistan province, South Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, etc.)
* Around 200 debates with prominent Sunni Ulama and muftis and professors of universities in Saudi Arabia as his debate with Sheikh Mohammed bin Jamil bin Zeinu the Mufti and the great Ulama of Mecca and Dr. Hamdan the professor of Umm Al-Qura University and Sheikh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Al-E-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi and ...
* Debate with Sunni Ulama in Salam TV satellite network like:  Mullazdah and Maulvi Abdul Majid Muradzehy the professor of Zahedan seminary .
* Debate with Wahhabi leaders in the global network (Almustaqallah) about martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra PBUH with direct command of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.


Radio programs, television and satellite

Multiple Scientific Schedules in the first, third and fourth network, and tehran network and jam-E-jam universal network,

Multiple direct programs on Qom Science Radio about doubts and responds Educational, Scientific, and Religious Issues

* Respond to doubts in salam TV satellite network on Thursday every week for four years to live.
* Detailed discussion of Imamate and velayat and

answering to viewers ' questions in the Velayat global network since the establishment of this network in 2001

So far, 62 volumes of his writings were published
And 11 volumes is ready to

29 hand-written volumes that will be ready in about a year,

The list of books that have been published so far
1 - Imam al-Jawad
encyclopedia (s), 2 volumes (chosen books by the Qom Seminary)
2. Imam Hadi (AS) encyclopedia, 4 vols.
3. Imam Askari (AS)
encyclopedia 6 volumes
4. al-imam Reza (AS)
encyclopedia 8 Vol.
5. Criticism of usul mazhab shia Dr. Qafary 3 Cover
6. researching of "Alfazayel" book for Shazan Ben Gabriel 1 page.
7. The story of Al-Hiwar al-Hadi 3 volumes, Professor 's thesis at the International Civilization University(london). univercity of Al-hazarah al-alamiah al-maftuha

8. Introduction to the knowledge of Rejal and Derayah

9. Al-Ghadir Hadith and Yaman army doubt(publishd by haaj Organization)1 vol


10 . Studies in the documents of narratives books (investigating the mistakes and Problems of the Writing of the Arabic Books), 2 vols.
11. in the vicinity of Toos 1 page
12. Imam Hussein
features(AS) (research and translation Alqasayes Alhusayniyah Sheikh Jafar Shushtari) 1 vol
13. Imam Mahdi from birth to the emergence (research and translation of Imam Mahdi (as) from birth to the emergence Seyed Kazem qazvini published by Hadi publishing) 1 vol
14. Wahhabism in terms of reason and religion (I) 1 vol
15. Forty questions about the Caliphate and Imamate 1 Vol.
16. Musuah Imam Alkazm (AS) 8 vol

17. translation of Criticism of the Book of shia Religious Principles

18. Ghadir khom event, doubts and rejection 1 page (PhD of Netherland Alhurrah University)
19. Al-jamea- in rejal 12 vol.
20 -conversation with Al-mustaqallah network about Fatimah (A.S) martyrdom
21 - imamate and velayat Religion of spirit 1 vol



Books that are ready to publish
22. Responding to ghadir doubts - 1 Vol.
23. Responding to doubts of Hazrat Zahra martyrdom.  Farsi - 2 Vol.
24. Responding to doubts of Hazrat Zahra martyrdom. Arabi - 1 Vol.
25. Responding to mourning doubts - 1 Vol.
26. Responding to mahdaviat doubts - 1 Vol.
27. Allama Helli Rijal with full research and detailed - 1 Vol.
28. Vafayat Al-ruwat (the year of the Shiite narrators death) - 1 vol.
29. recording the names of narrators and their nickname - 1 Vol.
30. cursing
From the perspective of the Quran and Sunnah - 1 Vol.
A look at the justice of the companions from the point of view of the Qur 'an and the passage of history - 1 Vol.

Ready to publish:
32. Imam Mahdi Musuahh (AS) - about 10 volumes.
33. the story of Al-Hiwar al-Hadi translation (the story of a quiet conversation) - 6 volumes.
34. Responding to questions of Wahhabism in the salam global network - 4 Vol.
35. Responding to questions of Wahhabism in holly Mashhad seminary 1 Vol.
36. Responding to questions of Wahhabism in Ferdowsi University of holly Mashhad 1 Vol.
Studies of documents of narrative books (searching of documentary mistakes of Fourth Books) - 4 volumes.
38. Imam Ali and
Allegiance with caliphs - 1 Vol.
39. In response to doubts about Nahj-Al-balaqah - 1 Vol.
40. accusation to shia  in quran
Distortion- 1 vol.
41. Mulahezat Aberah in
Asary Interpretation - 1 Vol.
42. talk to Vaezzadeh Khorasani - 1 Vol.

Personal library:

He had a great interest in collecting books from the beginning of his howza entrance.

He believed that research work was not possible without the tools means

Personal library

His library has more than 30,000 volumes of books from Shia and other sects and religions


1 Founder and Manager of vali-asr Research Institute from 1371.
2 administrator who is responsible newest Wahhabism doubts and include all discussions and lectures of dr. qazvini, so that 200,000 to 300,000 of people visit it monthly from inside and outside the country.
3 - Responsible for general courses of Qom Seminary for 14 years.
4 -
Member of the Board of Trustees of the International Federation of Ghadir.
5 -
Member of the faculty at al-ul-bayat international university and Head of Hadith Section

6 - Member of the Scientific Council of the Center for the Study of Islamic Religions.

7 - More than 150 cases: professors, consultants and professor referees in the scientific dissertations of the Master 's degree and Ph.D.

8 - Member of the Scientific Council of the Islamic religious community center.
9 - director of the velayat international network.





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