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Imam “Baqir” [AS] from the perspective of Sunni {1}
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Imam “Baqir” [AS] from the perspective of Sunni {1}



“Ibn Kathir”, Sunni prominent scholar says about Imam “Baqir” [AS]:

وهومحمدبن علی بن الحسین بن علی بن ابی طالب القرشی الهاشمی ابوجعفر الباقر...وهو تابعی جلیل،کبیر القدر کثیرا،اَحد اعلام هذه الامةعلما و عملا وسیادةوشرفا..حدّث عنه جماعةمن کبار التابعین و غیرهم...؛

He’s “Abu Muhammad Ali bin al-Hasan bin Ali bin abi Talib”, “Qureshi”, “Hashemi”, “Abu Ja’far Baqir”… he was a very dignified Tabi’i and one of the elders of this nation in terms of knowledge, practicing and honor … a group of elders of Tabi’un and others have quoted narrative from him.

Al-Bidaya wa’l-Nihaya – vol. 13, p 72

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