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Imam “Baqir” [AS] from the perspective of Sunni {3}
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Imam “Baqir” [AS] from the perspective of Sunni {3}



“Salah al-Din Safadi”, one of Sunni historians writes about Imam “Baqir” [AS]:

وکان احد من جمع العلم و الفقه و الدیانةو الثقة والسؤدد و کان یصلح للخلافة و هو أحد الأئمةالاثنی عشر الذین یعتقد الرافضة عصمتهم؛...

He was one of those who had knowledge, honesty, reliability and dignity and was competent for caliphate and is one of twelve imams whom Shias believe in their infallibility.

Al-wafi bi-al-wafiyat - vol. 4, p 77


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